If you run an escort agency then you will know that it is one of the most competitive industries online with a huge amount of competition and so you will need to know the SEO techniques that work and will give you the high search engine rankings that your business needs.

The most effective method of doing this is through obtaining high quality and relevant links for your web site, links that will boost your rankings and look natural enough as to not be penalised by the search engines. So you want to build links from high quality escort websites that have good links themselves, that is because they need some good domain authority to pass on to your web site so getting links from a site that has no links itself is a complete waste of time.

One website that is a great source of those links is Escort SEO, they can post links on some very high quality and relevant escorting web sites and so for escort link building they are a great choice. So if you are link building or needing SEO for an escort agency or website then these kinds of links and do your rankings a great deal of good.

When you are building links it is very important to make sure that your backlink profile looks completely natural so it is best to make sure that you do not use too many keywords in your anchor text. You want to make sure that most of your links use your company name or URL as the anchor text (you can check that with Majestic SEO) so if you check your website and some other keyword is used more then you need to build more branded links.

As well as the anchor text, it is also important to ensure that you do not build links too quickly so don’t build none for years and then build a thousand all in one day as you can imagine how unnatural that looks to a search engine! So instead you are much better off building a few links per week, so that things build gradually and no filters are tripped in terms of link velocity (how quickly links appear).

As well as the link building it is also important to ensure that your on-page SEO is also up to scratch. Firstly, make sure that your pages focus on a specific keyword or phrase and include that naturally in some high quality content, it is also very important that the keyword is used in the page title. Also make sure that the content on your website is unique and so not anywhere else online and also make sure that your website is mobile ready and loads quickly and your escort SEO will be in great shape. So that is all of the SEO information that you need for your escort agency or web site so build the high quality links and get your on-page SEO right and you will be getting some excellent traffic soon.