Windows 9

Although it does not come with a surprise that Microsoft is already working on the next Windows, it is surprising that even after the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 being released recently Windows 9 is just around the corner. No information was leaked yet regarding the specifications of Windows 9, but there are plenty of rumors which may indicate what will await us in the latest Windows installment.

The Windows 8 dream of creating a unified operating system is still farfetched and it will stay only a dream, for the time being. A Windows platform across different devices is still not possible because of the different technologies used in many handheld devices.

Is it an update?

So far rumors indicate that it will be a completely new standalone feature, although upgrading from previous Windows’s will be possible; it is expected to be able to upgrade, but it is still not confirmed. Moreover, it is also possible that in the meantime while we wait for Windows 9 to roll out, Windows 8.2 might come out as well.

For the time being, as rumors have it, it will have a complete rework and a whole new look for us to enjoy. But, it is also rumored that Windows 9 is going to be a redeemer for the tarnished Windows 8. It is hopes that the new Windows will bring back the glory to all Windows releases.

Windows 9: Rumors and Expectations

Release Date

Even though it was not confirmed yet officially, it is rumored that by late 2014 or early 2015 we will have the new Windows 9 ready for use. And as far as pricing goes, if Windows 8 is anything to go by, it seems that the price will be fair and just, even for those who wish to upgrade from a previous windows.

Will Metro Stay?

One of the biggest concerns of current Windows users is whether Metro will stay or if it will be a painful farewell. For handheld device users, Metro made more sense, but even for PC users who do not have an active touch-screen, it will be possible to utilize Metro to its fullest.

Rumors state that for now it is planned to leave Metro as it is, but to further incorporate it into the background and let apps run in windowed mode rather than switching between two environments all the time.

The touch option for Windows was a very neat addition, but it seems that for the vast majority it is still only a dream, and the Windows 9 will take those issues into consideration as well.

Rumors, rumors, rumors…

It is also said that Windows 9 will not require more resources than what Windows 8 already uses, which means that people using cheap computers will not have to visit the nearest computer shop.

But some developers also leaked that different Windows packages will have different prices, but the essential desktop version will have a sticker price.