Cigarette smokers around the world are recognising the benefits of vaping, which is healthier and cheaper than smoking. Vaping is getting more popular by the day and the United States is the world’s leading vape market!

On average, the typical “vaper” spends $400-$600 on vaping annually. This is not much when you consider the fact that heavy smokers could end up spending $1-2 million on cigarettes in their lifetime, according to a study carried out by WalletHub.

Now, ask yourself: Do you want to risk your health and your finances? Of course, you don’t! By introducing vaping into your routine, you can join the 9 million vape users in the states who have reduce their exposure to tobacco and reduced their carbon footprint with this environmentally-friendly habit. Now time came to create own and live a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are a fan of fruity flavors or e-liquids with earthy undertones, you simply must take it upon yourself to maintain a vape if you want to get your money’s worth.
Here’s how to extend the lifespan of your vape…

1. Prime Your Vape Coils – Before you start puffing away on your new vape, take the time to prime your atomizer coil. This is easy to accomplish and should only take a couple of minutes. Start by taking five dry hits from the device. In order to do this, your battery’s power button should not be activated. Don’t forget to tighten the airflow valve, too. Once you have primed your vape coils, each hit that follows will be full-flavored.

2. Carry Out Good Vaping Practices – Chasing clouds can be fun, but you need to practice good vaping etiquette when doing so. Make sure your lithium ion battery has a lower discharge rate than the battery maximum discharge rating. Stay hydrated when vaping, don’t let the device overheat and remove the vape from charge when it is full.

3. Clean your Mod Tank – Cleanliness will have an impact on vape longevity and the taste of your e-liquids. A regular cleaning routine will keep your vape in tip-top condition. Rinse the tank beneath flowing water to clear any debris or odors. Dispose of any juice that remains in the tank before cleaning. Make sure it is dry before you use the device again.

4. Buy a High-Quality Vape – Some people will get so excited about the idea of vaping after looking at videos of professional smoke masters on YouTube, that they will rush into making a purchase. Making this mistake could cost you money, due to the quality of cheaper vapes usually being much lower than that of more expensive vapes. This is not to say that you will be left with an empty bank account after buying vape hardware. A reliable seller will be able to present you with reasonably-priced vape hardware from respectable brands like Aspire and Eleaf.

5. Use the Best E-liquids for Your Vape – It’s not just the hardware itself that you must invest wisely in but also, the juice you top it up with! Examples of some popular e-liquid brands that you can trust include Beard Vape Co., Dinner Lady and Quest. So, why does the type of liquid make a difference to vape performance? Well, the main ingredients (Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG),Nicotine and flavorings) should be pharmaceutical-grade to ensure they don’t cause corrosion to the vape parts. Pharmaceutical grade ingredients will also be kinder to your lungs.

6. Store the Battery Properly – Horror stories about vape batteries exploding in people’s pockets should not scare you off. These instances only occurred as a result of poor battery storage. Steer clear of problems with your vape battery by keeping yours in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

7. Reduce the Voltage – Heavy smokers might choose a high voltage setting to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Keep in mind that this will use up your battery life faster, as well as the e-liquid. Slowly reduce the voltage each time you take a hit if you want to get the most life out of your vape.

8. Give it Some TLC with a Q-Tip – You probably already own a box of Q-Tips, which can come in handy for getting into those tight nooks and crannies on your vape. A vaper’s friend, the good old Q-Tip is an ideal cleaning tool for increasing chamber lifespan. Dip it in some isopropyl alcohol to remove dry particles from the tank.

9. Top-up Your Vape with E-juice – An empty e-cig should either be topped up or not used at all! The atomizer will face immense pressure if it has nothing to work with, so don’t make the mistake of letting yours run dry. Vape Wild stocks a wide selection of e-liquid brands and flavors, including menthol, tobacco, dessert and fruit-flavored e-juice.

10. Use the Vape a LOT – There is misconception regarding frequency of use and vape lifespan. The truth is that you ought to use your vape as often as possible to maintain proper functioning. Parts will stay “lubricated”, as such, when they are used on a regular basis. Always remember to turn the device off after each use.

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