We all invite guests from time to time, either for attaining special events or just for casual get-togethers. Beside this, there are guests that arrive without notifying and that becomes a tough task to cater to. Well you need not to do much as if you have a descent home you must be having a guest room which you use for guests as and when they arrive. So if you have guests to arrive in a day or two or you have friends and relatives that visit you without notifying, it is always better to keep your guest room ready so that your guests can spend some good days with you.

Here are few things that if you maintain in your guest room then you won’t have to make extra arrangements for your guests. Listed below are 6 items which you must be well prepared with to make your guest room relaxing for the guests.

6 Items For A Relaxing Guest Room

Comfortable Bed

A good bed is the heart of any room, so the first thing you have to make sure that your guest room bed is comfortable enough to provide good sleep to your guests. You can use sheets as per the season for example crisp sheets in summer and flannel in winter. The mattress must not be stiff so make sure the mattress has medium firmness to support all back types. Keep a matching blanket and some comfy pillows as well.

Lighting near the Bed

Even if you have good lighting in the guest room then also you must have a side table and nice light over it. This is because having a combination of desk lamp and floor light will keep the space bright and multi-purpose for guests. You can choose the design of desk lamp as per the interior of the guest room.

Well-stocked Toiletries

Don’t always expect your guests to arrive with their own toiletries because sometimes they might not bring them along with them due to baggage issues. And it would be a nice gesture if you yourself arrange clean towel, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving kit etc. well before your guests arrive. You can also put some bottles on the bottom shelf so that they need not to ask you.

6 Items For A Relaxing Guest Room

Storage Space to Put Suitcases and Clothing

This can be a tough task for you if you don’t have closet or cabinet in your guest room. But most of the time guest room have closet and cabinets so all you have to do is to clean them and take out any of your personal belongings so that your guests can put in their suitcases and baggage. Make sure to supply nice 6-10 hangers too.

Personal Media Space

This is something that will get you applauded as a host. Media type is not something that you should relate with Television or movies but instead you can provide your guests a small well stocked library comprising of novel, magazine, newspaper etc. Beside this you can provide them USB Plugins and smartphone cradle for mobile and other gadgets.

Tissues, Perfume and Dustbin

You surely don’t want your guest room to look like a mess once your guests leave. So the best way to eliminate any such chance is to place a dustbin in a corner and place some tissues, handkerchief, small towel and perfume (its optional) in a box on the side table so that your guests don’t spread filth here and there.

If you have a have a large guest room then you can also place a beautiful sofa bed or a recliner or a pair of comfortable chairs to make your guests sit comfortably in free time. All this are a great way to show your gesture towards your guests because it’s the friends and relatives that make our day. So don’t leave any stone unturned in being a perfect host.