Cloud software applications can benefit your business in so many ways. How you can take advantage of its features will eventually depend on the size, industry, scale and your business’ goals. Cloud computing helps in reducing your capital expenditure. It can help add more mobility and flexibility to your business. Your IT security improves dramatically, and it is also easier to maintain and upgrade – in fact you may not have to worry about updates. SharePoint Online is a powerful cloud software solution to help put your business on the road to success. So What is SharePoint Online?

Benefits of SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is SharePoint’s Cloud version which is available as part of Office 365 or can be subscribed separately. The cloud solution eliminates any need for investing in costly infrastructure and also the need for managing everything using your resources and time. It is based on Microsoft-maintained servers, and thus the software always remains up to date.

Free SharePoint Website

With this cloud software application you can instantly build and put your website online without any costs. You can configure it to be an intranet, extranet, your client-facing website, a document management system, or anything else. It can be used for communicating with your clients, or sharing files and data between your teams or even with clients.

Centralized Documents & Tasks

Another benefit of using this powerful Microsoft Cloud software application is that you can manage all your documents and tasks on a central location. This reduces email traffic. It also saves you time when you need documents located in different places. They can be readily accessed by all authorized team members on your SharePoint website. You can also view, allocate and check tasks.

Work On the Go

There is no need to remain confined and limited by the desktop. Access work from anywhere on mobile device and take decisions on the go. You and your teams can access any files from any location.

Your website will be touch-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere. Your teams don’t have to be on the same platform. Different individuals can be using different operating systems and devices. Everyone can access the site from their iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac, or Windows devices.

What Do You Get With the Cloud Software Solution

Apps4Rent provides you free hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013 so that you can easily build your own website, CMS, company intranet, data repository, document management system or anything to facilitate your operations, business processes or client interactions. Make the most of the free themes, templates, and apps available with so that you have the appropriate functionality to power your business processes. The website can be setup instantly and support unlimited number of users. You can develop it using simple drag and drop feature. It is backed by 99.9% uptime. You will be able to get all these benefits without the need to spend anything.

Hosted Desktop Solution

Apps4Rent provides that allows you to reach out to your teams anywhere and at any time. There is no limitation on what devices you and your employees can use to access your applications – whether it’s the email appellation, CRM or Sales application, or business apps. All authorized team members can access applications via the Remote Data Protocol (RDP) client or any of the leading browsers. You may be located anywhere and using any device – Android, Mac, iOS, windows, smartphones, laptops, tablets, or iPads. The hosted VDI packages give you advanced levels of experience and the ability to install any custom applications as per your requirements.

Your business can have Hosted Virtual Desktop on Apps4Rent servers that allow access from any location. It can add high level of consistency with regard to the interface, and even the flexibility of scaling it up or down as per your needs. You will also get advanced support around the clock. All this while making big cost savings.

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