A popular pastime among sports fans is autograph collecting. Whether it be hockey, football, racing, basketball or baseball, it could be rewarding and fun to obtain autograph from favourite athletes. In reality, obtaining autographs from athletes isn’t as hard as we may think. As an example, we should be able to visit the training camp of a favourite sports team.

There are also special autograph signing events that we can attend. Often, this is a good opportunity to get autograph in person. We should make sure that we bring items that need to be signed and don’t forget to bring permanent market. Almost every event gives us an opportunity to get autograph. In this case, we should make sure that we get the location information, as well as policies and time. We could get the information from major organizers. We may cal specific phone numbers to get information about locations and dates of teams training.

There are items that can be signed, such as index cards and photos. This will allow us to create a collection of memorabilia related to specific athlete or sports team. There are also other items that can be signed, such as helmet, racing flag, sports jersey, football, golf ball, tennis ball, basketball, baseball and other related items.

In general, we should always try to be polite and it is a common etiquette to not ask the athlete to sign more than one item. If our schedule and geographic location doesn’t allow us to get autograph in-person, we shouldn’t give up. Many fans obtain great success by collecting autographs from the mail. However, we need to get the proper address. Each sports team and athlete has addresses that can be used to obtain autographs. However, we should make sure that the teams and athletes are willing to send the items back.

After we get the address, it should be the time to write a polite letter to the favourite athlete. We could let the person know about how we enjoy his/her involvement in a specific sports field and we should kindly request the autograph. However, our chance of success is heightened if we agree to get the autograph in a piece of paper, so it will be much easier for the team and athlete to send it to us. If we ask for a photo with genuine autograph, we should be extra polite and say “please”.

When we are ready to send the letter, we could send it with #10 envelope. It is a polite thing to do to include a few postage stamps inside a smaller envelope that can be folded and placed inside the larger envelope. This will significantly increase the possibility of us getting the autograph. We should always write the address on the envelope clearly, so it will be much easier for athlete or sports club to send it back. If we want the index card signed, we should provide our own, so this will speed up the process.

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