In the present world of immense mobility, not having mobile counterpart of conventional office seems an outdated thing. The availability of cloud software cannot help you realize the dream of managing your work even from home. Working from home becomes a suitable option for many women workers and other employees too who become restricted to homes due to ailment or any other domestic issue. Looking at the requirement of managing office from anywhere, Apps4Rent has launched many cloud software tools that allow users to manage their work even when they are away from home.

Online SharePoint by Apps4Rent is one such cloud software based service that is now available as a part of Office 365 plans too. Sharing information and documents, collaborating services and managing vendors of different kinds through common platform becomes easy with cloud software that offers amazing work assistance to the people who need to stay connected with the resources at any point of time, at the place of their choice.

Cloud Software for Working from Anywhere

Delegation of work, seeking updates of the tasks and organizing meetings from home also is possible due to cloud software that actually allows ease of access of the resources to the users who may be located at any geographical location covered by the cloud network. Thus, log on to and be ready to work like a dedicated hand even when you need to stay at home.

Various mobile gadgets support virtual desktops and cloud desktops online and make it possible for the users to manage their office activities on iPads, iPhones, and various Android mobile devices that you use for personal purposes also.

Go Truly Mobile with Cloud Software

With cloud technology around, you can rest assured of easy access to office and team members on mobile phones. So, if you choose to take day off the office, you can work from home and get your jobs done seamlessly. is a premium cloud hosting service that has built virtual offices with Microsoft and Citrix virtualization technique. This service provider allows user to install custom applications merely through drag and drop and the user can share the files, work and meeting plans through Remote Data Protocol.

Thus, you can make your office go truly mobile with virtual cloud desktops designed by Apps4Rent, a tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider.

Expand Team Online through Cloud Virtual Desktops

Apps4Rent offers Hosted Virtual Desktop that allows the user to access accounting, Sales, CRM and team management software even when away from home. Synchronization across the devices makes it possible for the user to access information and completes their tasks even when they are away from their workplace. At office premise also, use of emails, chats and intranet communication utilities makes the process of sharing and collaborating resource-efficient and also allows the users to work in a home environment.

So, with virtual desktops, you may be away from office but not with the resources made available to you at an office premise. Moreover, you can chip in more desktops together to expand your clod when you find services satisfactory and fulfilling in performance.

Apps4Rent for Virtual Hosted Desktops

Each virtual desktop is managed easily with Apps4Rent that has hosting plans and services designed to complement the needs of all business types. This hosting service provider uses Microsoft servers for storing client data and has developed clouds that are responsive and easily accessible anywhere. Synchronized desktops allow the users to have updated information even when they are at home or on move and make the process of office management quite easy for all team members separated by geographical boundaries.

Thus, log on to today and pick the plan of your preference. You get cloud desktop free on trial basis and various other benefits to operate the business without missing on family fun, outings or expansion focused meetings. Keep up the pace with mobile world with cloud virtual desktops from Apps4Rent and stay ahead of competitors.

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