Companies use software that helps them track data and have an efficient way of handling projects, keeping records available for usage by company employees and clients. Such software is created by ISV, also know as Independent Software Vendor. An Independent Software Vendor is an organization that makes and sells software for mass or niche markets. They create software for a specific task, design them to meet the demands of a specific customer.

The software may be for any purpose, for instance, to help real estate agents in their sales and customers. It can also be for child care programs for checking the activity. It can even help to keep track of a company’s finances and projects, with no worries of not meeting deadlines for reports.

ISV Software Implementation

Surfing the, you will see their services and other case studies that prove their capabilities to ensure a good outcome of the program implementation. One of these case is a young pharmaceutical company in Europe, that was founded in 2007, with strong growth performance and positive rating, consisting of more than 350 people. The problem of this young company was the lack of tools to manage customer relationship in a good way, to control the sales team across the country, to call and report calls, keeping track of distributor and sales relationship, and approval financial processes.

The solution was immediately implemented. It was software which helped keep track of CRM and call report through CT Pharma and CT Mobile solution. In 3 weeks, Industrial CT Pharma and CT Mobile solutions were implemented. The Head of Sales had a clear real-time vision of current sales across the country. With easy to use call planning and reporting as well as with distributor sale tracking the goal was reached.

This clear plan from Costumer times created a huge door for the young pharmaceutical company that lead to great success in the future.

Assurance of Success

Customertimes has an efficient way of implementing software and programs, they have a clear plan for implementing it fast. Many of their consultants are certified, with over 200 successful cloud implementations. The company’s headquarter is located in Manhattan, New York, they have office branches in Eastern Europe, which give them the opportunity to handle the tasks offshore. It can give your company a leverage to reach the next level and enter a bigger market. It offers sales force implementation with a unique knowledge and experience in CRM and developing resourcing for global engagement models.

Customer times has more than 200 customers in 63 different countries, with 4 regional offices and over 200 cloud implementation. Customer times has high recommendations and feed backs that can give assurance of how well they can reach your targets.

With the rise of technology, even a small startup can turn into a huge business with a help of specially designed software.