Now is the time when cloud technology can and should be trusted. Since cloud solutions present companies with many of the same challenges as on-premise solutions, it may be time to find a trusted service provider to transform your company’s IT infrastructure. By allowing an established third-party company to securely and efficiently manage your IT, you can focus on your business. Today’s experts are immersed in daily technological advancements and are quickly becoming the subject matter experts of tomorrow. It’s difficult for small and medium-sized companies to maintain their current IT system without incurring high staffing costs and major equipment costs. More and more, businesses are relying on leading IT professionals to provide simple solutions to complex IT tasks. Consider these three reasons for a company-wide cloud migration to the cloud.


Security in the cloud has recently been a debatable topic among IT and technical gurus, but security has been a concern under any IT infrastructure. New technology presents new challenges, but by selecting a reputable service provider with a great understanding of the cloud environment, you can expect the highest levels of security for your information and data. The alternative is to locate and hire a costly IT staff that has that knowledge. By establishing a rapport with the right third-party hosting service for your hosted cloud databases at an enterprise level, you place your trust in the hands of experts. Good service providers will assess your needs and present a customized cloud computing proposal suited to your business goals. After implementation, you’ll likely save costs in the long run.


Cloud environments provide highly accessible data, a critical factor for expanding companies, especially as technologies advance. Competition is increasing in the ecommerce field, and the cloud is a major reason why. The ability to store and retrieve data and information from anywhere, anytime and on any device is a major benefit. It provides alternative work scenarios for companies, making it easy for remote employees, traveling business people and home workers to access their data, collaborate and manage their work. This flexibility is a key component in next-generation workers who expect to work from mobile platforms and enjoy a quality work-life balance. Whether companies are focused on online sales or working in a storefront location, highly accessible cloud-based data and information is an important ingredient for business success.

3 Reasons Not To Fear The Cloud


Data storage, backups and recovery are business-critical efforts for most every company. With cloud solutions, large data storage is easy and backups can be automated. Data recovery is always an option in case of an onsite or natural disaster, which is more common than you might think. Cloud-based data storage is considered safer than costly on-premise equipment that must undergo regular maintenance and eventually be replaced as technology changes. Although natural disasters happen more frequently in large office buildings and business locations where equipment is stored, cloud storage tends to be more reliable with duplicate backup options.

Cloud technology provides new levels of security and high accessibility, along with real-time data storage, backups and recovery options that companies cannot be without. As new technologies arise, they too will likely be dependent on cloud-based systems. Now is a great time for small and medium-sized businesses to overcome their concerns by doing some research and migrate to proven cloud solutions.

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