Black spots! Do not you also hate those two words? As I do, especially when these unwanted pop into my nose or any other inappropriate site my face. But there are different ways to remove without leaving marks, using a simple and everyday as the salty element. Anyone have exposed blackheads, and there are many ways to kill them. So here you will find various tricks to remove without leaving any mark and with an easy and economical daily element salt.

How To Remove Blackheads With Salt

So I will explain different ways to remove blackheads with salt. Do not miss this article that other medicine is for you.

Milk and Salt

You need a splash of milk and enough salt. Prepare the mixture so that it resembles coarse crumbs without becoming liquid, rather it is preferably a paste. Use this mixture to run it through your nose or in the area where you have blackheads. You see that with the passage of time the amount will decrease until disappearing completely and, best of all, it will not leave any marks.

Clay Salt and Honey

This mixture can be transformed into an excellent exfoliating mask that will help to remove blackheads. Preparing a homogeneous mixture with the ingredients trying to have a gritty texture. Rub the area you want free of pimples for about 5 minutes and then rinse. You will see that in a few days these unwelcome visitors have disappeared.

Water and Salt

As simple as a daily washing with warm salt water remedy will make a big difference in the treatment of pimples, because the salt will help reduce the amount of blackheads on your face, because excess fat will decrease significantly, which is the main cause.

Toothpaste and Salt

Table salt mixed with mint toothpaste in similar proportions and once they have mixed well, apply them evenly over your nose and skin that is around. Note that if you are very sensitive to pain, it is preferable to avoid this mixture, because the mint toothpaste can be very strong. For the same reason, avoid placing it around your eyes to suffer unpleasant consequences. Massage the area for 5 minutes and then gently rinse with warm water. Then apply a towel soaked in cold water in the area to close the pores.

Remove blackheads and look clean and pretty face it is easy with remedies such as we have learned today.

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