Many people are wondering how cults originally started and we have stories about strange congregation of more than twenty individuals who have some unusual beliefs and practices. It would be quite interesting for us to research different belief systems. Cults are places where people start to make up their own minds about specific topics. The word “cult” actually has some relationships with the words “culture” and “cultivate”. In fact, modern day cults often work like mushroom farms. For average people, it could be quite fascinating to see how mushrooms are farmed. They often enjoy seeing how mushroom farmers create duplicable and sustainable process of harvesting the seemingly endless growths of mushrooms. This is the same way prominent leaders, motivators and gurus try to germinate and grow their interesting ideas. They know how to cultivate an effective belief system. The next they would do is to try to unify people based on specific interests. Prospective members would hear the amazing stories and then they would be introduced to unique ceremonies, rituals, practice and methodology.

Things We Should Know About Cults

Members of the cult know that there are others who are supposed to make decision on their behalf. In fact, these people could exercise authority and they may even dominate all aspects of our lives. Leaders would say that members can be like them one day, although not quite. Goals are often easy to visualize, but can be very difficult to attain and this could involve some amount of sacrifice. Members will be required to attend ceremonies and rituals regularly, as prescribed by the oligarchy. They are often shrouded by secrecy and members are often peppered with promises. Another important element is that members are often kept quite uninformed and there’s more power to the leadership, if the masses are kept somewhat uninformed. It is often said that an uninformed populace could be seen as a populace in slavery. In many cults, members are often intended to know less than the leadership. In this case, members are kept in the dark about proper methods to grow perfect mushrooms.

Some cult members have lost faith in the community, government, traditional religious institutions and family units. These people are more vulnerable and susceptible to cults. There’s been a change in the modern era. People begin to make different choices and they are more evolved. Many cults are often drawn to cults, because they are often taught about self sufficiency. People are no longer dependent on the outside worlds and they are able to employ their inner guidance. We often hear about new cults being reported by the media and it is important to know more about them. It doesn’t mean that we should become members of cults, but understanding more about these communities could teach us how people react to favourable and unfavourable elements in their lives. Some cults are bleeding memberships very fast, while others remain to thrive and become dynamic communities. As long as they don’t teach something negatives, it is possible for many cults to become important parts of the society.

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