There was a time when e-commerce was booming in India; currently it is already at a place where it has left retail sectors behind. What is currently booming is m-commerce. This is an even more upgraded version of e-commerce, which involves only using mobiles for making a purchase. The rise and relevance of m-commerce in India is evident from the increasing number of e commerce websites now launching their mobile applications. And this is not only limited to just the leading portals, but also multiple new and emerging e – commerce websites. The main reason behind this trend is the increasing number of mobile users in India, and the decreasing rates in Mobile Price List in India.

Apart from all the Samsungs and iPhones, we also have brands like Xiaomi, Micromax, Gionee, etc, which are offering users mobiles with truly tremendous specs at extremely affordable prices. With every other user having access to a Smartphone, thanks to cheap Mobile Price List in India, reaching out to a large number of people in a short span of time, becomes possible. And with the coming of free internet, through Reliance Jio, the number of mobile and internet users in India has reached an all time high. Therefore the best means of commerce and marketing today is undoubtedly the one with mobiles or Smartphone.

M – Commerce Boom in India

The main factor causing the boost in m – commerce in India is the increased mobile users in the country. And what is contributing to this increased mobile usage is the Mobile Price List in India, offering users latest mobiles at affordable prices. Anyone who is unable to make use of a mobile today, is pretty much handicapped, because operating in urban areas without knowing or having access to the most basic digital device is certainly something disabling.

Today we have people even from the lowest rungs of the population making use of mobiles, if not smart phones, all because of Mobile Price List in India. We have thus evolved from SMS marketing to a more advanced and digital M-commerce. Although the digital infrastructure in India is still the one that needs a lot of improvement, it is in a lot better shape than it was around 5 years ago. And that is precisely the time when we saw the rise of devices like mobiles, laptops with Internet. This is mainly what paved way for M commerce in India.

The Current M-commerce scenario in India

With majority of our daily activities being performed online, through mobiles; ranging from grocery shopping, to bill payments, to ticket booking, to getting multiple services, making complaints, social networking, and a lot more happening on mobiles, they have today become akin to oxygen. Surviving without them is almost impossible. This trend of increased mobile usage by users was picked up advertisers, who continuously tap user activities through databases. This then led to creation of ads, websites, and applications in a way that they run smoothly on mobiles, even in low network. Mobile Price List in India also witnessed certain changes.

The multitude of ads that we come across today when surfing net on mobiles is all the result of m-commerce. Today we can shop for practically anything on our mobiles, if we have internet. There is nothing that a mobile cannot do, and only a laptop or other bigger, heavier device can do. People in their busy lives are always in the company of their mobiles, so if they ever wish to order anything, their go to option is their mobile phones, thus leading to an increased push towards m-commerce. And adding on to this, there are also special offers that are available for ordering products online, through your mobile. As this requires sharing your contact number, and an increased database of mobile numbers will further boost the m-commerce scenario. Mobile Price List in India is currently offering a few great deals; make sure you take advantage of those deals.

Verdict – The amount of time we spend on our mobiles today can easily be one of the most well utilized times for many. A lot of the young population today spends a great deal of their time on internet and on mobiles. They almost live virtually, and in this scenario along with reduced Mobile Price List in India, we cannot expect anything but the rise of m-commerce. To be able to keep pace with their children, a lot ofparents have also started following suit; all of these activities together shape the user behavior, which in-turn shapes the market trends like m-commerce, digitization, etc.

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