Almost every person in the world suffers from a painful back at some point in time. But back pain can be a constant reality for some people. It may start with a small ache, then settle into a chronic pain that comes and goes in phases. In serious cases, back pain can severely restrict mobility and even force a person to stay indoors, or use a back strap for support.

3 Ways To Remove Back Pain

But most cases of back pain are not so serious, and they can easily be treated at home. Try these 3 approaches:

1 Rest your back. A tense and/or overworked back can cause discomfort and pain. Many times, a painful back is a sign of stress and exhaustion, and it can be set right with least seven hours of sleep every night. In fact, you must consider taking a day or two off from work so that you can rest at home and let your sore or painful back muscles get back to their previous form. Also make sure to check your mattress – if it dips in the middle or is too soft, it could be causing the back pain in the first place. Make sure your mattress is firm without being hard, and that your pillow cushions your neck in line with the rest of the spine.

2 Get moving. It might seem like a strange solution, but the best way to get a painful back to hurt less is to provide it with moderate amounts of exercise. Sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a desk for long periods of time, and not walking about enough can all ‘freeze’ the spine into an unnatural position. This soon causes pain and stiffness. Also, an increase in weight can put additional pressure on the back, hips and knees. Start by walking daily for at least 30 minutes, and step it up to include jogging, cycling, swimming and moderate weights. Once the back muscles and joints are exercised, blood flow to the area increases and cramped, stiff muscles are able to regain their previous form.

3 Treat your back with pain relief cream. Sometimes, you might feel that your back is stiff and painful even after resting adequately, having nutritious meals and exercising every day. Or being on your feet all day, long hours at the office or overworking in the gym might make the back painful. In such cases, it is better to apply a pain relief cream and rest the back. You can easily back Moov Back Pain cream online if you are not up to making a trip to the chemist. Use the cream as directed (preferably after applying a hot compress on the area to soothe the inflammation) and rest, so that the cream can get to work and heal the pain in a few hours.

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