There are incredible places to visit in a campervan hire in New Zealand, but did you know that you may have already seen of these landscapes and locations in a movie? New Zealand has some of the most beautiful scenery found in one country, hence the reason why many a good move has been filmed there.

Following are some of the movies that you may not have realized were filmed in New Zealand. If you haven’t seen them yet, you will want to after visiting New Zealand.

  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit: Undoubtedly, the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films are some of the most popular movies filmed in New Zealand. Aside from all the magical moments, the intensity of the story, and the good-looking actors, what people also noticed were the gorgeous landscapes throughout the movies. Those incredible shots were made in New Zealand. Makes you want to visit, doesn’t it?
  • The Piano: As a story that takes place in New Zealand, it would make sense to film the movie there and that’s exactly what the makers of The Piano did. If you want to see an interesting film with gorgeous New Zealand landscapes, it’s worth your time.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Some parts of the Chronicles of Narnia were shot in New Zealand. It really is the best location for films with several landscapes and outdoors scenes.
  • Whale Rider: If you wanted to make a movie about a Maori girl where would you film the movie? That’s right. In the land of the Maori-also known as New Zealand. The film is a captivating one, with some of New Zealand’s most beautiful beaches and landscapes making appearances.
  • Vertical Limit: If you want to make a movie about mountain climbing, what better location than New Zealand, which is known for its many peaks and tall mountains. Vertical Limit has shots of New Zealand’s highest mountain, Aoraki Mt. Cook. It is both breathtaking and beautiful, and even more so in real life.
  • The Last Samurai: Another well-known movie that is supposed to have taken place in Japan, but it was filmed in the Taranaki region of New Zealand is The Last Samurai. You might remember this Tom Cruise film for his acting, but most likely you remember it for its beautiful landscapes.
  • The World’s Fastest Indian: Since it is about someone from New Zealand, it would make sense that it was filmed in New Zealand. While it isn’t the most well-known movie, with a star like Anthony Hopkins, it is a movie that may be worth watching. If not for him, at least for the beautiful scenery that is New Zealand.

If you haven’t made the decision yet to visit New Zealand, now is the time. To prepare for the beauty that awaits you, why not binge a few of these movies over the weekend and see if you just might want to start saving for a trip to Kiwi-land. It will undoubtedly be worth it.

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