It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular investor or an amateur just watching trends before taking the plunge with real money. If you have access to a smartphone or tablet, you can use some of today’s great app finds to track the market. The following are several you might want to consider.

Fantasy Stock

Created by Cram Pro and priced at $.99, this app will give you the opportunity to practice playing the stock market. The app is fed with real information about real stocks so you can see how you might do with real money before actually spending any of your own!

5 Apps You Can Use To Track The Stock Market

Stock Guru for iPad

This app was specifically created for the iPad and, price at $19.99, is really designed for serious investors who want to handle their own transactions. The app allows you to look at NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX stocks and offers financial strength information, financial data, risk scoring, and a myriad of other factors you’ll need to understand in order to choose a profitable stock.

Stock Watcher

Found in the Google Play store, this free app syncs with Yahoo Finance to bring you a myriad of global market stats. You’ll get a RSS feed full of financial news, Twitter statistics, analysis charts, and more. Create your own watch lists, compare statistics, and zoom in on the information that is important to you.

Global Stock Markets

Also free in the Google Play store, the Global Stock Markets app pulls information about all of the global market indexes into one place. The app features full size charts, individual market index info, and up to date news features. You can use this on both your phone or on a tablet.

Stock Touch

This free pap gives you the option to view only the top 100 markets in the US and global markets. They’re broken into 9 sectors and offer charts that compare the performances of each over days, weeks, months, and years. You’ll also see links to news articles related to each stock. The app is updated every 5 minutes.

Learning about the stock market takes true dedication, as you can tell by watching big names like Timothy Sykes. Read, use apps, and talk to professionals. The more educated you are, the more successful you’ll ultimately become.

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