Nutrition is not only important to the body’s internal health, but also for the physical appearance of the body. Foods rich in nutrients like omega-3s, healthy fats and oils, and other vitamins and minerals can keep your hair strong, beautiful, and healthy all year long, as well as your skin.

The right foods directly affect the way your body responds, mentally, physically, and emotionally. When it comes to caring for your body properly, it is necessary you fill it with the right nutrients.

While your hair can get added help from hair products from AiryHair, eating the foods listed down below can help your hair and skin tenfold:


One of the best foods you can eat is fish, as it not only helps both your hair and skin, it also is incredibly important to your heart health as well. Most recommend salmon, as it is known for its nutrients, and mackerel and anchovies are also good choices, but in many cases, any lean, fresh fish can offer your body the right nutrients. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are key to adding moisture to your scalp and hydrating your strands.


While spinach is most notably recognized for its ability to strengthen your muscles, it is also known for keeping your skin and hair looking young and flawless. Spinach has natural nutrients in it that help to prevent wrinkles on the skin, thus acting as a natural anti-aging tool. When paired with other super foods, your body and hair will reap the benefits of youth and strength.

Avocado Oil

Many shampoos and conditioners actually have avocado oil in the ingredient list, as avocado oils are known for their health benefits. Moreover, eating avocados can help keep your body strong and vibrant, as the avocado itself is packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins A and E. Additionally, the oils in avocados are heavily concentrated with omega-3s, which as mentioned above, are essential to keeping your hair and skin beautiful and healthy.


One of the best foods you can eat for healthy hair are eggs, as they have key ingredients that help to produce the nutrients your hair needs to stay bright and shiny.


Many eat tomatoes regularly, as they have been linked to helping reduce caner, but did you know that tomatoes help protect your body from sun damage? The antioxidants found in tomatoes actually help keep your body protected against UV rays, keeping not only your skin free from sun spots, but also your hair from looking dry and damaged, as the heat from the sun can strip your hair from its essential nutrients.


Eating oats daily is a great way to get the fiber and nutrients your body needs, as oats can help with weight loss and preventing heart disease. Moreover, oats can keep hair strands strong and healthy, for oats are packed with zinc, potassium, and other key ingredients that keep your hair from breaking or splitting at the ends.

Red Bell Peppers

While all bell peppers are nutritious, red bell peppers are actually the most nutritious, as they have more vitamin C content than oranges do. A deficiency in vitamin C weakens the immune system, which can have a direct effect on your body’s overall health, including the youthful appearance of your skin and the shininess of your hair. To keep your hair from looking dull and dead, and your skin from aging, make sure to get plenty of the antioxidants located within red bell peppers.

Coconut Oil

Recently, coconut oil made big waves on the scene. From using it in cooking to using it to treat scars, coconut oil seems to be a miracle cure for almost any ailment. In fact, coconut oil is an essential to young, smooth skin and shiny, voluminous hair, as coconut oil is loaded with healthy fats. Moreover, it is packed with the minerals both hair and skin need to look vibrant all year long. Many use coconut oil directly on their hair and skin, but cooking with it is also a great way to get the nutrients you need.

These foods can help you have gorgeous skin and hair while also keeping your mind and body healthy as well.

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