Focus on Core Competencies

Marketing is not your best strength. The reason you got into business is because you love what you do, know your industry, are passionate about a cause or some related scenario. It is not because you love day-to-day marketing tasks or digital marketing initiatives. Do what you do best. Let other people do what they do best.

Fill Skill Gaps

Most of us have skill gaps or knowledge gaps.  It’s okay to admit. Nobody knows everything. Even if you dabble in digital, you wont know everything that a true outsourced digital marketing company will know. They have a team of experts. That’s one of the big selling points, more brains, more experts, more results…

Invest in Proven Results

outsourcing digital marketing staff can reduce your costs and improve results. As noted above, return matters.Your marketing dollars stretch farther when you outsource tasks to people with a track record of success.  It’s always a wise move when you hire the resources you need, when you need them, from a marketing agency with a proven track record of getting ROI.

Increase Your Marketing Capacity

Hiring a marketing agency increases your marketing capacity. Even if your team has skills, they are only so big. Hiring quality is hard. If you can’t find more, take on other people’s quality to product scale.  Face it, you’re not hiring just one person, you’re hiring a team of marketing specialists with many different skills that would be expensive to hire in-house. An agency is able to increase bandwidth and gear up for your project, and when your campaign intensity starts to slow, they can refocus elsewhere while continuing to manage your ongoing marketing needs. It’s easier to scale someone else’s employees.

Expand Internal Expertise

Your staff will manage and interact with your digital marketing partner, and they are sponges for outside knowledge. Outsourcing all your marketing or a specific project to an agency who works side-by-side with your team will develop your internal team’s budding marketing skills. Also, this ensures that your project is set up for long term success. Staff can eventually replace the outsourced professionals.

Further Expand Your Digital Reach

A digital marketing agency has professional relationships that you don’t. They work with tons of media, PR, ad agencies and other resources that benefit your companies marketing campaigns. A marketing agency has had successes and challenges with different types of marketing strategies, and you benefit from their relationships and may eventually meet important people through them.