Keeping your home and vehicle secure is very important. If you don’t already know this, you should begin now to put in some security measures to keep yourself and your family safe. Especially when you are living in a busy city like London, there is a need to not only follow some security protocols to keep yourself safe, they have to be enough to make you and your family members actually feel safe. If you are  already security conscious, that is great. What you should start considering then is how you can secure your homes and your vehicles from break-ins. Here are some security protocols you need to cultivate a habit of to keep your properties secure.

How To Keep Your Home And Vehicle Secure


You should be well acquainted with the common car security measures which include packing in secure locations, not leaving valuables in your vehicles while you are out, and so on. You should also make sure to add extra security wherever possible as there is nothing like too much security.

  • Get a car alarm to notify you of anyone trying to break into your car. This way, you can stop your car from being jacked by thieves who use all kind of devices to get through your locked cars. Also make sure they are turned on whenever you are getting out of your car.
  • Invest in locks that are particularly modified to withstand bypass attempts by thieves.
  • At home, make sure to keep your car keys out of sight especially away from windows and doors to make it difficult for burglars to locate them.
  • Endeavour to have your car windows properly closed even if you plan to be gone for just a few minutes. This might be difficult especially when you want to dash in and out to drop your child in school. Turn it into a habit to always close all vehicle windows.


There is no option of “parking” your house in secure locations but there is that for securing where your house is situated. This is the most important security protocol you should put in place to secure your home. Homeowners should come together and establish a physical security layer of vigilantes or neighborhood watch groups and take into account any stranger around. Beyond that, the following measures should also be put in place.

  • Install British standard locks in all your doors and windows. Top locksmiths such as The London Locksmiths, will have some of the best available.
  • Make sure all your keys are always out of sight. Do not leave your keys on the locks. It is easy to forget them there after opening the doors. Thieves can easily duplicate them when you leave them always lying around. Therefore, form the habit of always taking the keys off of the locks.
  • Do not give your keys to strangers. Giving out home keys to people is less common than doing same with car keys but a security conscious person desists from this and you should be that person.
  • Ensure your front door looks strong. A tacky looking front door or lock will definitely attract burglars.