The significance of cleanliness cannot be neglected by any person or society. We keep our homes clean and as germ-free as possible in order to save ourselves from diseases. Bacteria are microscopic organisms that can live and grow in any place in your home. However, keeping your home germ-free is not as easy task as just cleaning. This is the first and important step towards healthy life. I found in the website of the cleaning service company Femme de Menage a couple of quick and easy tips that can be done daily to stop or minimize the buildup of bacteria and other microbes.

7 Tips That Will Help You To Kill Bacteria

1. Hot water by itself can act as disinfectant. The use of hot water is necessary to kill bacteria from the surface and can also be used to remove bacteria from your utensils and clothes by washing these with hot water. In order to wash utensils set, the water as hot as your skin can bear, rubber gloves can be used for even hotter water. The temperature of the water should be 121C (250 F) to kill bacteria in water.

2. Sunlight can be used to kill bacteria. It is one of the beat methods of killing microbes as it is free of cost and available for everyone. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight will decrease the overall amount and breeding of bacteria living on your fabric. This method is effective for blankets, bed sheets, quilts and other fabric stuff. These things can be sundry to get germ-free or leave to expose to sunlight for few hours.

3. Bleach is an extremely economic and effective means of killing bacteria. You can make a mixture of water and bleach. Fill any common spray bottle halfway with bleach and rest of the way with plain water. This 50/50 mixture of water and bleach is deadly for bacteria and other insects. Use this method on shower tiles and on the germ infested floor of the kitchen.purchase Do not apply this mixture on fabric and around the furniture.

4. Highly concentrated amount of alcohol (170% and higher) can kill bacteria and other microbes in an effective way. Ethanol and isopropanol are the alcohols that kill bacteria.This method can be used on common household items, for example, to clean doors, windows, phones, remote control and tables etc.

5. White distilled vinegar also used to kill bacteria due to its acidic nature. Acidity levels of vinegar kill bacteria.Vinegar and baking soda can use to wipe countertops, refrigerators, trashcans, walls and other surfaces. Spray the mixture onto the surface and let it sit for several hours scrub down the surface and then wipe it out.

6. Iodine is a powerful disinfectant for surfaces and also acts as skin antiseptic. Iodine stains surfaces. It should be used in liquid form as it is toxic. It kills a wide range of bacteria along with tuberculosis germ and other microbes.

7. Penicillin is the drug which fights effectively with the bacterial infections. It alters the ability of bacteria to synthesize cell walls. It is an antibiotic.

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