Enjoy an inspiring bathroom decor with these tricks. The bathroom is one of the places that, at least I, unless I pay attention to when decorating. And yet it is so inspiring to have an attractive bathroom!

To make it easier, I share this with you tips that will make your bathroom shine. Apply them to feel that you’re premiering new bathroom!


Perhaps one of the ways to make your bathroom more attractive and improve the lighting is bright. And because most bathrooms have a poor natural lighting, artificial lighting commitment: Dichroic lights and switches that allow you to regulate the amount of light are a good way of enlightening.


Since it is generally smaller than any other room, and a large part is covered by tiles, paint the bathroom is a simple and inexpensive way to make it brighter. To use and better distribute the light, choose light, fresh colors, such as shades of yellow, blue and green water.


Another way to beautify the bathroom with little money is to change the old towels with new towels. Not only you can embellish it in sight but also smell, scenting towels with perfumer new clothes.


You can also use attractive accessories to transform your bathroom into a bright and lovely place. Choose soap dishes, glasses toothbrush, shower curtain, rugs, mirror frames and even light switches that do match the rest of the decor.


The mirrors reflect light, illuminating more than a room while making it larger, two things that often need desperately look bathroom. Choose one or more beautiful mirrors that make your bathroom shine.


A simple way to add a touch of sparkle and life to the bathroom is decorating with plants. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and enliven the atmosphere instantly. Of course, keep in mind the light requirements of plants to avoid wilting if the bathroom has little natural light.

Make Space

One of the things that takes shine to any room is clutter and disorder, to fix it, make getting rid of what is not in the bathroom space, and keeping behind the door of a closet everything else.

When it comes to decorating a small bathroom, remember it’s not the size that matters, but how you use it. With these ways of decorating a small bathroom we encourage you to lose the fear of being creative, bold splashes of color use and experiment with design ideas that ultimately could provide inspiration for other rooms in your home.

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