Diamonds are of various shapes, sizes, cuts and color and above all they are the most precious gems available on the earth and thus it becomes important to choose the one that is genuine. Buying diamonds is an easy task and almost anyone can buy it provided they have the money to afford it. However, those who want to choose the best diamond possible for a given budget should learn more about diamonds in depth.

A Guide On How To Purchase Loose Diamonds by Rick Casper Diamond

Rick Casper Diamond provides guidance on purchasing diamonds

Those who are buying diamonds for the first time should understand in depth about this previous stone and how to choose the one that is genuine and looks brilliant. Rick Casper Diamond is a leading gemologist and has vast knowledge about diamond. He imparts knowledge to students about diamond.

Mentioned below are some of the points that one should consider when investing on a diamond

  • The first most important thing that one will need to consider when buying a diamond is the carat weight. Especially when buying loose diamonds it is extremely important to consider the carat weight. As a thumb rule, it is important to note that the larger the carat weight is the better will be the diamond.
  • The next most important thing that one should focus on when buying a diamond is its shape. Even though the diamonds are available in various shapes, the most popular ones are those that come in round shape. It is important to note that the shape of a diamond can affect its price.  For instance, round brilliant loose diamonds may be more expensive than the other shapes. This is because round brilliant certified diamonds can have a much lower profit from rough than the other shapes.
  • Now that one is clear about the shape and size of the diamond, the next most important thing that needs to be considered is cut. Cut quality can have an important effect on the value of loose diamonds. Cut grades are not standardized and thus it may differ. Whenever possible, one should use the cut grade of certificate over the vendors own matrix of cut grades.
  • The color of the diamond can have a direct effect on the price and the look of the gem. It is important to note that various shapes imitate color at various fortes, so the choice of optimum color harmonizing the diamond’s look with the price will rest on to a large extent on what diamond shape one have selected.
  • When it comes to the clarity of diamonds, one should evaluate the gem by looking at it with the naked eye and it should give a clear look.

These are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing loose diamonds.

Rick Casper Diamond works as a mentor to a number of young fellows who dream of working with precious stones. He has a student who is presently enrolled in the Graduate Gemologist Program at the Gemological Institute of America. In the spare times, Rick Casper loves to listen to the hip-hop records or watches anime films and series.