The provider of any family has the responsibility of making all amenities to his/her family members, not just the financial aspect, but even the physical, emotional and mental aspects as well. The proverb health is wealth has been very rightly said because unless you are healthy you can never be happy, even if you have all the luxuries in life. Taking care of your personal health as well as your family should be the area of prime concern for you and to help you in maintaining that you should seek the advice of Arden Anderson.

He has board certification in family medicine and tends to patients of all ages, not only this he does not treat just one kind of physical ailment, he area of expertise is rather wide. He focuses on nutritional counseling, and prescribes preventive medicines too. Added to his genius is his ability to conduct prolotheraphy regenerative medicine, bioidentical hormone therapy both for men and women. The prolotherapy is a novel procedure which uses injections made of natural substances that help to regain the strength of the traumatized joints of the body.

Dr. Arden Anderson has also been associated with the military in the past where he served as the lieutenant colonel and was a flight surgeon as well. In the beginning of his career he did an internship in family care at the Mercy-General Health Partners. His expertise in the prolotheraphy has made him a member and the vice president of the American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Arden Anderson Providing Smart Tips For The Best Care For Your Family Health

The health of any person needs overall care and that includes a monitoring of the food habits as also the style of living. If you eat the right thing and do not abide by the rules of exercising and taking proper rest then your perfect diet is of no good. A right kind of diet comprises of the right nutrients in the right amounts. Eating only two heavy meals in a day is not the correct way of consuming food; instead you should eat small meals at regular intervals throughout the day.

Eating a proper and balanced diet should be supported by a proper workout regime. Exercise in any form – yoga, free hand, Pilates or even using equipments needs to be done at the same time regularly. By exercising the body is helped to stay in proper shape and supple and at the same time the problems areas of the body are rectified.

Taking rest in the form of sleep at proper times is also essential for the well being of the body, just as the body should be made to work by being active, similarly it should be allowed to rest it is equally necessary. Sleeping at the right time and in the proper amount helps enhance the proper functioning of the body.

While putting in all these forms of effort, it is also a wise thing to keep a track of your development from a not so fit life to a fit and healthy one, so that you are able to see the difference and thereby feel good about it and encouraged carry on with it.