Personal branding of a business is quintessential and must be done at the right pace and right point of time for all the good reasons. It helps the business to succeed and meet the competition from the rivals and thus make a place for itself. The potential of business and the people involved in the same as both the employer and the employees have a lot to say about the business and its future growth. The individual can take the business to places by his/her experience and the reputation that he/she holds in the market among the competitors and related parties. Amateurs like Ram Chary Everi try to make the most of the situation and bring it to his kitty by designing the logo and building the image for the business.

If one talk about the marketing logo then one can definitely and surely say that marketing logo can do wonders for the business or else mar its image completely among the end users. Though it is small in size but creates a big impression on the minds of the people doing the business with the so called organization. Thus, one can very well say that graphic designers play a great role in today’s business and their role cannot be denied at any point of time for all the good reasons.

Ram Chary Everi And His Views On Logos Of The Successful Business

Graphic designers generally take care of the following guidelines while designing and suggesting various designs to their employers. The guidelines are listed as below:

  • Logo should be simple and straightforward

Before finalizing the logo for the business, the people involved as well as the graphic designers must keep it in mind that the logo should be simple and straightforward. In other words, it should be the first impression of the business and try to make the end users aware about the same without any kinds of confusions in the mind. Logo should match with the kind of business the organization is into and complex logos should be a big no-no at all points of time for the very simple reason that they add to the confusion and does no good to the business as a whole.

  • Logo should gel with the employer, employees as well as the end users

Logo should be such that it captivates not just the employer but the employees as well as the end users in the very first look. Proper combination of colors, shapes and sizes must be put into good use. In fact, they should make a connection with the people at the very first go itself. It should match the needs of the business and help the employer take his/her business to a greater or higher place. In fact, the employees working in an organization must connect well with the logo and help the business make the profits in the long run without a saying.

Ram Chary Everi is of the view that logo should not be changed from time to time to add to the confusion in the minds of the end users as well as promoting wrong practices in the business thus making it avoidable in true sense.