The lines of a children’s action song says “It’s you who builds community”, though the children are being instilled with the concept of the importance of community building, yet the sad thing is that those who teach these have themselves lost the sense of building  a community. On the whole, people have become extremely self centered and selfish; most people have lost the capacity to think beyond themselves, their life and their luxuries.

However, there is still some hope left because of people involved with the Westside Family Church, the members of this church are staunch believers and followers of the every word of Jesus Christ, and hence consider Christ’s teaching of service to others as the way to be closer to God and develop a vibrant relation with Him. It is thus that these always work towards helping the members of their community. They lend a helping hand to all the needy people not just within their region but also abroad.

It’s really not a big deal if you have to help someone truly in need, while you might be enjoying the luxuries of life and earning huge sums of money, there are others who are deprived of one square meal a day. When you have so much in surplus, what would it hurt if you utilized some to make a deprived person happy by providing him/her with the basic necessities of life? The Bible puts forward a very important question that every individual should ask himself and examine conscience.

How Man Lives Within The Society Building A Community On Your Own

Jesus’ question “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but to lose his soul?” truly sums up the basic meaning of life. It is really not important how much wealth you gather for yourself or your generations to come, these are materialistic things which are bound to perish with time. The essential thing to do is have a good and giving soul that feels for others and is pleased by doing service to your fellow humans.

The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS are rooted to this Biblical truth and try to follow it as much as they can. They lend a helping hand to as many needy people as they can in Kansas, India, Africa and Thailand. Their benevolent nature reveals them as ardent followers of Jesus and becomes the reason for attracting for several other compassionate individuals, and it is thus that the building of community takes place.

The work of community building is best done with the involvement of youngsters in it; they are full of zeal and ready to go all out once they are convinced with anything. This church is a very warm and welcoming place where everyone who enters finds joy, love and acceptance and there is no way in which they would not feel that they are a part of that family.

This sense of acceptance is basis of them being committed to this church and working towards this ever so thoughtful group and strengthening their belief in God with each passing second.