They say “change is the only constant” and this is something that is true for every industry even if we talk about technology trends or the changes that are coming into beauty industry. When talking about the later, there is a series of change in the industry that we are perceiving today. The status of the global industry has gone global and everyone is enjoying the perk of the same. Beauty brands are going global and I an very much interested in giving you an sneak peek from inside the business to offer the preview of the happenings. There are now world-class beauty pageants that bring the latest happening in the industry. Here is more on the same.

A note on sign of changes

“Brands are created at the speed of light,” he said. “The beauty industry is becoming increasingly complex. Our instinct is to dislike complexity. But we either embrace it, or we’re not going to be around.” the quote is from the CEO of Coty who talks about the speed in the industry. The changing is becoming prominent and we are (if you are a women like me) of course liking the change.

Another executive of a beauty company talks about the change with these words, “It’s like music, everyone can do it now so in order to succeed you actually have to be good.” She also talked about how customers have changed. Referring to the growth of the cruelty-free market she said, “millennials really do care.”

The online business

There is a boom in beauty sector and the online business is growing in the same direction. We have global brands available for us who offer their services just a click on the mouse. Be it getting a new lip shade or getting the very famous eye-shadow brands, services are all there available for us at the ease of online. This shows the contribution of technology in helping us get everything there at our doorstep. Everything is getting online just to help customers get services they want. Boundaries are changing in the beauty industry and e-commerce business is the best example of the same. Getting the things have actually become much easier for the people nowadays. There is even no any requirement to go to the brick and mortar shop to do the shopping. Brands are easily available for the users.

The ongoing demand of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has become a common aspect for becoming beautiful these days. Be it a model or an aspiring actor, everyone loves to go under such a surgery to get flawless skin. It has become a rage these days to look spotless and for the same reason actor/actress are opting for such a way to get the skin type they adore the most. There are a number of other ways to that models are accepting for getting the charm into their personality. It’s not only about the models but also about the general people that are very much anxious to know everything about such techniques can accept them into their lives to look their best.

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