Now that summer is almost here, you’re probably feeling like your beauty regime needs an update. During the winter months, when the cold weather has us all wrapped up in coats and scarves, it’s easy to let your beauty routine slide. Thankfully, the summer inspires us to pamper ourselves and look for innovative ways of standing out from the crowd. Below are a number of beauty regime updates that will help you look your very best this summer:

Update your Makeup

It’s no secret that makeup hides a whole lot of imperfections on the faces we receive from Mother Nature. This doesn’t mean that you should wear the thickest foundation and vary your eyeshadow from neon green to neon pink however. Summertime is filled with days spent at the beach and leisurely evenings spent sipping cocktails at beachside bars and restaurants. Plastering your face in heavy makeup will have you looking beautiful while you’re at home in the air conditioning looking at yourself in your gorgeous modern mirror, but it will also inevitably leave you looking like an extra from a zombie movie once you’ve spent an hour out in the heat of the Summer. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, it’s best to ditch the full coverage items and opt for shimmery bronzers and neutrals instead.

There are a number of reputable outlets online where you can indulge your fantasy of looking like a sun-kissed Grecian goddess. For example, Gállány Cosmetics is an exciting and sophisticated make-up range designed by a master chemist called Ida Gál-Csiszar. Csiszar has worked with a number of big names including Max Factor. After gaining years of experience in the cosmetics industry she started her own business outside of the garage of her house.

Us women like to support one another, and love nothing better than seeing other women succeed in the business world. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than spoiling ourselves to a new item of makeup for our infinite variety of daytime and evening looks. Anyone else out there who loves trying out a new eyeliner or shade of lipstick for the first time? It’s time to sort out your cosmetic bag; throw out the clumpy mascaras and outdated eyeshadow shades, and start your summer with an entirely new look!

Tribal Tattoos

One way you will definitely get noticed this summer is by wearing tribal tattoos. Cheap and tacky tribal tattoos are available everywhere from Walmart to the Dollar Store, but if you want to do it the classy way you should buy tattoos that won’t make you look like a five dolla pick-up artist. Body art is trendy at the moment, and even savvy entrepreneurs in New York are designing temporary tattoos that wouldn’t be out of place at New York fashion week.

Gone are the days of copying Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls with her unsightly celtic armband body art. The modern vibe of tribal tattoos is much less subtle and elegant. Styles range from metallic gold vines to metallic silver feathers. Tribal tattoos are now more accurately described as an addition to your jewelry, instead of an obvious substitute to a real tattoo. You can even replace jewelry altogether and adorn yourself in silver or gold-leafed body art. A good tip for deciding whether you should opt for gold or silver is to discover your skin tone: warm skin tones generally look better wearing gold, while silver complements cooler skin tones.


There’s no sense adorning yourself in the very best quality makeup and body art if your skin’s a mess! Many of us have a consistent skin care routine, but did you know that there are many common mishaps for cleansing the skin? Many of these are face cleansing mistakes. Luckily, there is valuable advice on how to cleanse your face properly and avoid making mistakes such as using the wrong products. For example, did you know that cleansing with hot water can actually damage your skin? It’s common to assume that hot water is best for cleansing in order to open up the pores fully, but lukewarm water is the optimal temperature for facial cleansing. Cleansing with water that’s too hot can strip away the protective oils on the barrier of your skin, resulting in dry skin that is more prone to sensitivity. On the other hand, ice-cold water will put your skin into stress mode, often making it too tight and closing it off to the nutrients in the cleanser. To cleanse effectively, therefore, make sure you use lukewarm water in order to get the most benefits out of your cleansing routine.

Now that you’ve discovered some innovative ways of updating your summer beauty routine, all that’s left now is a well-earned trip to the beach!

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