Reviews play an extremely important role in helping to target prospective customers. The same goes for the Airbnb businesses as well. 

If you are an Airbnb business, then you must know that the reviews of your customers are of paramount importance to attract other customers. Furthermore, aggregating and embedding those reviews in the form of an Airbnb widget can offer multiple benefits to your business. 

If at all, you are new to this concept and unaware of the significance of using the Airbnb widget in your brand’s growth, then make your way till the end of this post. 

We are certain that by the time we conclude, you will be set to include this strategy in your business too. 

However, have a look at the prerequisites first. 

What Is An Airbnb Review Widget? 

True to its name, an Airbnb review widget, is a widget that helps you showcase your users’ reviews. Embedding it on various marketing touchpoints including the website of a brand helps them to build social proof of the brand. 

The logic here is simple. The more positive reviews you will showcase, the more potential customers will be attracted to your business. 

Now that you know about the Airbnb review widget, in the next section, we will be talking about how this strategy can help brands upscale their business.

Here’s Why You Need To Embed Airbnb Review Widget On Website 

Increase Engagement On The Website 

Website engagement plays a critical role in helping brands analyze and depict the interest of their website visitors. Website visitors look for content that is interesting and engaging, and reading reviews and feedback is quite an interesting read. 

More than 85% of potential customers read reviews before finalizing a product or service, and embedding an Airbnb review widget would push your website visitors to read the feedback more seriously, leading to them exploring the website more. A high dwell time of the customers would ultimately lead to more engagement on your website. 

Reduce The Bounce Rate Of Your Website

A high bounce rate of your website depicts that your website lacks interesting content and your visitors are not getting engaged enough. 

When you embed the Airbnb review on a website and enjoy more engagement, the bounce rate of your website will significantly reduce. As a business owner, it is crucial that you ensure a lower bounce rate on your website always and this strategy can help you. 

A Chance To Build A Stronger Brand Customer Relationship

Your customers will be ecstatic when they see their reviews and feedback on your website. In return, it helps brands to create a better relationship with their customers. Moreover, it pushes potential customers to see the brand in a different light and is open to reviews. 

This helps brands to uplift their brand reputation in the market and helps in more effective brand recognition. 

Bring In More Credibility To Your Business 

Converting potential customers into existing customers is not an easy task and they might be quite apprehensive about taking up your service at the first go. 

Potential customers highly leverage User-Generated content over the promotional or branded content of a brand since they look for authentic content to rely on. This strategy helps brands in fetching more credibility to your business, leading to more trust and ultimately more conversions. 

Enhance The Look Of Your Website 

While we agree that the content of a website plays an important role to keep your website visitors hooked, you cannot overlook the importance of a good design. You need to look into the aesthetics of your website and an Airbnb review widget can help you with it. 

A well-customized widget when embedded on the website can instantly increase the impact of your website by making it more visually appealing. 

Key Takeaways 

We have reached the conclusion section and as mentioned earlier, we are sure you must be excited to embed the Airbnb review widget on your website. 

All you need to do is select an appropriate social media aggregation tool like Tagembed to collect, curate, and embed Airbnb reviews on your website. This tool is super effective and completes the process in a few clicks. Tagembed comes with many features that can be used to increase the impact of the widget. 

Users can leverage the customization options of the tool along with the content moderation panel. The other features of the tool are automatic content updates and active customer support for anytime assistance. Go on now, start the process right away and you will be amazed by the results!

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