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Why Should One Embed Social Media Feeds on Website for Brand Building in 2022

After the arrival of web 2.0, the buying approach of customers has changed. Your target customers are no longer interested in looking at the extravagant picture and making the purchasing decision.  They need to see the social proof of your business. Fortunately, this can be done via social media feeds. 


What Is A Social Media Feed?

A social media feed is one or more widgets generated by the social media aggregator tool. These widgets include social media posts from various social media accounts. 


Have you ever come across a brand that does not have an online presence?

Absolutely not! 




This is because, over the last few years, brands have started realizing the value of social media in the current digital era.

The widespread use of social media makes it available to everyone and is no longer a mystery. There are 2.93 billion active Facebook members worldwide as of this writing. There are 1 billion active Instagram users each month. In a survey conducted by Instagram, 81% of participants claimed that the platform aids in their product and service research.


This makes it quite evident that social media has a significant impact on consumer decisions.

Therefore using social media to influence the purchasing decision of your target customers is one calculative move. 


Luckily, displaying your social media presence has become easier lately. You can use any social media aggregator tool to showcase the social feed on your website. These tools are easy to operate and help you to complete the entire embedding process without hiring any developer.


You can also customize the overall look of your website, which means, using such tools you are allowed to change the layout and template of your website. 


In case you are still wondering if you should use a social media feed on your website, don’t worry, we are here to help you out. 


In this blog, we will be talking about the benefits to embed social media feed on website. So stay tuned and read this blog till the end. 

Benefits to Display Social Media Feed On Website 

There are so many benefits of using a social media feed on your website. We hope that by the end of this blog you will be convinced to use a social media feed on your business website. 

Increases The Time Spent On Website 

When you have a static website, it creates a monotonous tone on your website. Therefore as a business owner, you have to add an interesting side to your website. Allow us to paint you a picture. 

Imagine a website that is static throughout the year while the other one is colorful and vibrant. Which one would you choose?

The latter one.Right?


Your business website is the gateway of your sales funnel. If you want to meet your customers at the other end, you have to make your website engaging and approachable. 


Once you enhance the overall look of your website, it will help you to retain your online visitors for a longer period of time. This will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website. 


Grow The Number Of Your Followers 

Growing your social media followers has become a nuisance for brands. Currently, there are 50 million mainstream creators around the globe. This makes it back-breaking for the brands to grow their followings. Therefore, if you have a website, you should show your online presence on it. 

When you have a social media feed on your website, it creates a seamless bridge between your website and social media accounts. This also helps you to legitimize your online presence. 

Social Proof 

Reviews and recommendations are increasingly important to a business. Nearly 90% of internet users consult reviews before making a purchase. Online reviews are the most potent social proof, according to the current trend.


As a result, it is strongly advised for business owners to display internet reviews of their goods or services. There are numerous ways to display customer reviews of your goods or services on your website, but the best approach is to present some interactive online reviews. This will assist you in creating an engaging and dynamic website. As a result, you can show customer reviews from your social network feed on your website.


Wrapping Up 

Over the past few years, social media has become omnipresent and that has changed the marketing landscape. Social media is intended to appear lively and participatory. You must integrate social media feeds into your website if you want to take advantage of this possibility. You will see an increase in engagement and website traffic once you embed your social media feed on your website.


Your social proof is your website’s social media presence. As a result, we advise that you incorporate your social media feed into your website.


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