For telecom network operators, a VoIP SoftSwitch plays an important role in managing various telecommunication activities like call routing, call control, signaling, data management, voice and video traffic, etc. A SoftSwitch, also known as Software Switch, uses software on standard hardware to manage phone calls. The VoIP service providers that deal in wholesale VoIP calling business find Class 4 Softswitch a perfect solution to route wholesale traffic calls from one destination to another. 

About Class 4 Software Switch

A Class 4 Softswitch is a VoIP Softswitch that holds a central position in the VoIP network. It uses an IP network to route wholesale traffic calls from one end to another. It can easily route large volumes of calls, usually long-distance VoIP calls. This Software Switch can handle thousands of concurrent calls with load balancing and failover support, making it an ideal solution for VoIP service providers to deliver high-quality VoIP services on a superior level without any disruption. The solution can also be used to provide call-related services to retail or local VoIP service providers. 

Features of Class 4 Software Switch

Being an essential component in the core network of telecommunication, Class 4 Software Solution makes the job of wholesale VoIP service providers much more efficient and easier with a plethora of features. Some of the key features of the Class 4 Software Switch solution are mentioned below:

  • Intelligent Call Routing: The Class 4 SoftSwitch Software is an ideal solution for managing voice traffic and routing calls smartly within the network. It can efficiently route calls between call suppliers. The intelligent call routing feature of Class 4 Software Switch helps reduce overcrowding, latency, and costs without compromising on the quality of VoIP calls.
  • LNP & MNP Routing: Class 4 Software Switch facilitates LNP (Local Number Portability) for fixed lines and MNP (Mobile Number Portability) for mobile phone lines routing, allowing users to manage routing based on the dialed number. 
  • Fax Routing: Class 4 Software Switch also allows service providers to allow fax routing as per the users’ requirements.
  • Geographic, Non-geographic & Nomadic Routing: The software switch solution allows geographic, non-geographic, and nomadic numbers inbound call routing. 
  • Emergency Numbers Routing: With the help of Class 4 Software Switch Solution, calls can be routed easily to emergency numbers. 
  • Routing for Class 5 & Resellers: The solution also supports routing for Class 5 and resellers. 
  • User-friendly Web Interface: The Class 4 Software Switch Solution comprises an advanced, easy-to-use, and stable web interface that simplifies the VoIP service providers’ entire SoftSwitch management process. 
  • Tracks traffic Volume: Class 4 Software Switch can easily track traffic volume with all the key details such as calls per second rate, number of concurrent calls, the average time per call routing, and more. 
  • Black/White List routing: Under this routing type, the Class 4 Software Switch routes the incoming traffic according to blacklist and whitelist phone numbers. 
  • Load Balancing & Failover Support: Load balancing and failover support are some of the essential features of Class 4 Software Switch. These features allow service providers to provide a constant and uninterrupted connection, eliminating the chances of server breakdown or system slow down. Load balancing property provides this Software Switch the ability to handle an excessive load without affecting the service quality or creating a system breakdown. On the other hand, the failover support property of Class 4 SoftSwitch ensures that if there is a system failure, the backup system will keep the solution running seamlessly without any disturbances. 
  • Generate Reports of Calls (Inbound/Outbound/Unauthorized): The Class 4 Software Switches usually include a billing interface that provides call data records. Moreover, Class 4 Software Solution can filter out information based on data, clients, and other parameters to create reports related to inbound and outbound phone calls, call routing, traffic volume, and unauthorized calls. 
  • Active Call Report: The active call report means the Class 4 Software Switch solution allows service providers to monitor active calls connected or ringing in real-time. 
  • WLR Customers: The Class 4 Software Switch solution also supports WLR (Wholesale Line Rental) customers. It is a service that allows other suppliers to rent access lines on wholesale terms and resell the lines to customers. 

So, these are some of the important features of Class 4 SoftSwitch. The SoftSwitch solution is beneficial for the users in several ways. It has eliminated the assorted barriers that users used to face in the case of the traditional telephony system, especially while making long-distance calls. With traditional telephony systems, long-distance communication was either expensive or interrupting. However, with the arrival of Class 4 Softswitch, telecommunications service providers can overcome all these issues effectively and efficiently. It requires no extra costs, hardware, or software solution for integration.


Class 4 SoftSwitch is undoubtedly a robust, scalable, and consistent software solution that VoIP service providers can use to control and manage VoIP calls, signaling, and various other aspects of wholesale VoIP traffic. If you are looking for a Class 4 SoftSwitch solution to streamline your business process, make sure to choose a professional company that can deliver a robust VoIP SoftSwitch with custom features to meet the precise needs and requirements of your business.

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