A screen to boost enthusiasm while exercising, and that’s what a digital signage display is for Gyms. Nowadays display screens around the exercise machines to encourage and boost the workout sessions of the members. 

They have screens installed that display various types of content but the engagement of the members depends upon what type of content is being displayed. 

Sometimes news and sometimes songs, the content gets switched every now and then. But, this creates a disturbance inside the gym as the type of content entertained by one is not necessarily appreciated by others. 

And this is why digital signages are on hype. It displays the content that can affect the quality of the person’s workout positively. 

Therefore, we have created this blog to help you with the digital signage content ideas for gyms. Here are some of them.

5 Digital Signage Content Ideas for Gym

1. Success Stories Of The Past Or Existing Members

Going to the gym and working out requires a lot of motivation. Usually, people enter into the schedule with a lot of enthusiasm which drops down with the passing time. This evokes the urge to cancel their membership in a few weeks or months. 

One of the best ways to encourage the working capacity of the individual inside the gym is by displaying the success stories of the past or the existing members that have impressively transformed themselves.

This acts as powerful customer-generated content and showcases the credibility of the training provided by the gym. These success stories give you the courage to exercise to get the desired results and the hope to achieve the results that others already had.

2. Social Media Wall

Social media has plumped up the growth of the fitness world and has drastically changed the way people perceive fitness goals. Various fitness coaches, fitness gurus, health coaches, diet planners, nutrition experts, personal trainers, etc. have expanded their foot to social media to grow huge followings.

With digital signage displays, gyms can display the social media content to the people working out to boost their engagement. This social content can be curated from various social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and displayed on one social wall. 

Gym members can post their content on social media by mentioning the Gym’s username or using a dedicated hashtag which can then be used to create an engaging social wall. 

Also, apart from user-generated content, they can display other types of content such as some of the interviews of famous coaches, or posts from fitness influencers that are curated from social media platforms. 

This social content especially UGC plays an important role in increasing the engagement of the people with their exercising environment. 


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3. Videos Of The On-going Exercises 

Displaying the form videos of any exercise that is being done in the gym is one of the best ways to use digital signage screens. From someone who just joined the gym to the one who is friendly with the exercises, this signage screen plays an important role to help all of them with the exercises.

Gyms can create videos of their own personal trainers or can use the how-to videos from Youtube making it easier for the people to do the exercises perfectly. 

It will help all the gym-goers to know about the correct posture during the exercise to target the correct muscles and avoid the risk of any injuries. It is considered as the static images cannot convey the exercise form and posture is a way as a video can do. 

4. Health And Nutrition Advice

At gyms, it is quite a regular phenomenon to ask about diet plans and nutrition questions from the gym instructor, fitness coach, or health expert. This is because anyone who is exercising is equally interested in knowing about the diet plans and healthy eating habits.

To help the doubt of your members and avoid getting involved in this throughout the day, gym owners and instructors display health and nutrition advice on the signage screens. 

The fact is, a gym that provides proper diet plans and health advice to its members is the one that stands out among all the gyms in the particular locality. It also enhances the experience of the entire environment of the gym. 

5. Motivational Quotes

Giving motivation to all the people doing exercise is one of the biggest tasks for any gym or fitness center. Often people exercise early in the morning and need a bunch of motivation to kick start their day.

Gyms can display random motivational quotes on the signage screens to boost the enthusiasm of the people who are exercising. They can even curate motivational quotes from social media. This is the best way to give your gym members a good start to their day. 


There is a lot of competition when it comes to gyms and fitness centers in a particular locality. To stand out in the competition, and to attract more people to register for the membership, the gym needs to make out of the box efforts that are useful for the people exercising.

This digital signage content ideas guide for the gyms will surely help you grow your membership. So choose the best idea for your gym and start with it today.

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