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Applying for Air Freight Service to Ship Items from China to UK

In the international trade, there are several modes of transport for you to ship cargoes from one place to another place. For example, you can choose air freight to support your urgent delivery. You can select ocean shipping to send large quantities of goods or heavy goods. For sure, no matter which way you choose to ship, it is necessary to follow the requirements and operations. Since air freight shipping can be regarded as the fastest way to move items internationally, I¡¯d like to offer you guidance on how to ship goods to UK by China air freight.


When it comes to the international air shipping from China to UK, the first thing you should do is to request the quote from air freight China freight forwarding company. In general, when requesting the quote from forwarding company, they will ask you to offer the details of your goods, which include the description of the product, the weight and volume of the package, the services you would like to choose, the destination of your shipment and so on. In a word, you¡¯d better confirm the details of your shipment before you are going to make an inquiry.

As we know, more and more international shipments rely on the assistance of freight forwarding company. Here I’d like to advise you to do more surveys on the selection of freight forwarding company. It is common that different forwarding company provide you different quotes. You can compare the quotes from the companies and find the most affordable but reliable company to handle your shipments from China to UK.

The following thing is to make the arrangement of freight shipping from China to UK. This step mainly includes the preparation of goods and the schedule of shipment. For the preparation of goods, you’d better get ready for the goods that need to ship. Besides, you should pack the goods on the basis of the air freight shipping requirements. For the schedule of shipment, you need to contact your freight forwarding company and ask them to arrange it.

After fulfilling the above things, you should pay more attention to the consignment of goods so as to promote your air freight from China to United Kingdom. Of course, you can rely on your freight forwarders to handle the formalities of the consignment, while if you have a basic knowledge on the consignment of packages, it would be much smoother.

Here are some useful information about the consignment for your reference: to start with, you should check whether your goods are allowed to ship from China to UK by air. Then you’d better check whether your package is conforming to the terms of air shipping. After through the above procedures, you can go on to manage the transport of shipment from China to UK. Most often, your freight forwarders will help you to deal with the transportation.

From the above information, we know that successful shipping from China to UK can largely depend on the freight forwarding companies. If you want to ship items from China to UK by air, it is advised to request the quote from the freight forwarding company. Also, you should learn how to make the arrangement of freight shipping. Finally, you should pay more attention to the consignment of goods thus to promote your international delivery.

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