An authentic animal hide can be the perfect addition to any space. Animal hides are an all-natural decoration. Our ancestors used authentic animal hides for decoration and function for thousands of years. Some people have issues with the practice of using animal hides for decoration. They argue that it is inhumane for the animals and that it is cruel. This is not true; the animal hides used are from animals either hunted or bred for function. While you may never convince P.E.T.A., there are actually many more benefits to using the real animal pelt rather than the fake ones.

Authentic Fur: Thousands Of Years Filled With Positive Reviews

Faux Fur, Real Risk

The damage caused by using fake animal pelts is severe. Faux animal furs are manufactured using harmful chemicals. The factories of faux fur are located in third world sweatshops, and the chemical by products of the manufacturing process generate severe health risks for the workers. Not only are there health risks, the workers are also exposed to environmental risks from the factories. The pollution expelled back into the atmosphere by factories in third world countries causes a great deal of damage.

The risks are not only inside the factories. The buyer is at risk too. The faux fur rugs are saturated with harmful chemicals. The faux fur is composed of plastic products such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester. When washed, these components shed plastic particles back into the streams and water sources of the world.

The plastic products used to manufacture faux fur, similarly to plastic bags, take hundreds of years to decompose. A faux fur rug can take up to 1000 years to decompose back into the environment, while a real fur pelt is completely biodegradable. An authentic fur pelt will decompose in less than a year. If desired it can be composted in your back yard garden

Why Hides of Excellence?

Authentic animal pelts are an economical way to decorate. While the authentic animal fur decompose quickly, they can also last many years with the proper care. Fur pelts used for rugs and other decoration purposes are quite long lasting when cared for. The may shed a small amount in the beginning, but once the loose hairs have been lost they will last for years. Faux fur rugs will progressively lose their fibres until there is none left. The plastics used to create them are not nearly as durable as the real furs from the wild.

The authentic pelts are also much softer to the touch then anything manufactured. Our ancestors all over the world have used authentic furs for comfort and warmth far thousands of years. There is nothing more natural and stylish than a deer hide rug. The difference between an authentic pelt and a faux one are very noticeable. While a faux fur rug may be cheaper, they cost the lives and wellbeing of other human beings to manufacture. Natural hides add a touch of class and sophistication that is unmatched by anything else. Hides of Excellence are also longer lasting and better for the environment.

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