Everybody would like to save money, especially when it comes to household bills. For the average homeowner, the majority of expenditures after the mortgage payment go towards the electric bill. This makes our personal power consumption a great place to start when looking for ways to cut out unnecessary spending.

In this article we’ve attempted to provide you with a vast amount of different ways that have proven to be successful in reducing power consumption. If tips and techniques outlined in this article are followed, you’re sure to reduce your power needs, which in turn will save you money every month.

Action #1 Unplug Everything

Well, maybe not everything, however it’s best to unplug most things when they are not in use. Items such as toaster ovens, game consoles, TV’s computers, DVD players and chargers should all be unplugged when they are not in use. Believe it or not even when these items aren’t on, they still consume electricity while they are plugged into the electrical socket.

Unplugging these items when you don’t plan on using them for several hours or days will significantly lower your power consumption. If you’re the type that thinks it is too much work to constantly plug-in and unplug these items you will be pleased to know that energy-saving plug are available.

How To Reduce Power Consumption

Action #2 Switch to LED’s

Many people are ditching their incandescent light bulbs for LED’s. In the past CFL’s were the green bulb of choice, nevertheless LED bulbs are on the rise because their prices have sharply declined over the past couple of years.

While CFL’s still remain popular amongst many who wish to reduce their power consumption, LED’s have a slight edge because they are even more efficient than CFL’s and also are developed using techniques, which allows the bulbs to manufacture light without the need for mercury.

Action #3 Keep an Eye on your Thermostat

How many times have you found yourself grabbing a sweater or small jacket despite it being hot outside? Whether you realize it or not we all tend to overdo our air conditioning and heating needs.

You can tremendously cut down on your energy consumption by watching your thermostat. Instead of wasting tons of money on turning your house into a live-in refrigerator, get comfortable with using the AC only when absolutely necessary. It’s much cheaper to use a fan for temperature than it is to consistently run AC.

The same is true when the weather outside it cold. Instead of running the heat 24/7 it will be much cheaper and more efficient to wear a pair of pyjamas when walking around the house. Also you’ll find that you’re just as comfortable at night using an extra blanket or two instead of turning up the heat.

Action #4 Upgrade your Appliances

Lets face it, new appliances are much more energy efficient than older ones. Old refrigerators are notorious for being energy hogs. However, to avoid singling out refrigerators its best to mention that the same is also true for old computers, stoves, TV’s and more. Upgrading to more modern appliance isn’t cheap, but you’re sure to be happy with the lower electricity bill every month.

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