If your employees are used to working in a claustrophobic environment, their productivity levels are likely to be very low. That’s because the environment has a direct impact on employee performance. Many business managers have speculated as to how the interior design of an office affects employee performance. Numerous studies, conducted by authentic parties such as the Architecture and Building Department, as well as the British Council, have confirmed the connection.

A properly designed office interior could lead to a productivity increase of up to 50% in most employees. It has also been confirmed that a properly designed office also affects the rate of absenteeism. It makes sense too; nobody wants to work in a poorly designed office. People want functional working environments, and a professional office designer will create just that. Most designers in Melbourne usually show their office design Melbourne based portfolio during the first interview. Go through the portfolio and decide whether you wish to hire their services or not.

What Can A Professional Office Designer Do For You?

An Office Space that Embodies Your Company’s Character

The interior of your office is the first thing that a walk-in client will note. Whenever a person walks into your office, they are going to take a look around and create a mental image of your company’s ethos. Similarly, when you are welcoming candidates for an interview, you will want to impress them first. A poorly designed office interior does not help at all.

A professional office designer will carefully use his expertise and knowledge in order to create a beautiful office space that not only looks good, but is also highly functional. For instance, if there’s a lot of paperwork in your office, you don’t want the photocopy machine on the other end of the hall. A lot of time would be spent simply walking from one end of the hall to another. The designer will keep such things in mind when designing the interior.

The colours and the furniture used in the office will all be designed separately. The designer will use the company logo as an inspiration, and work closely with the company executives in order to create a beautiful office space that saves energy, and maximizes productivity.

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