With electricity prices rising by the days along with the energy consumption, we are forced to look for alternative and energy saving schemes. People used to use the old technology window films a.k.a dark black window tints to reduce the heat coming in but the house/ building goes pitch black and you need to turn on the light even during the daytime. This is a huge disadvantage; increased energy consumption, increased electricity bills and discomfort.


You see all these skyscrapers making the skyline in most major cities looking majestic with their all-glass exterior and think “wow”. This glass exterior is a very pleasant sight but it makes living uncomfortable due to all this sunlight exposure. This causes increased usage of cooling systems.

If your region experiences high temperatures, chances are even the air conditioning won’t do much good. Either way, at the end of the month you are looking at big fat amount on your electricity bill.

The Benefits Of Solar Window Film


The fast changing world is coming up with newer technologies every day and thus comes in Solar Shield Control Films. They have the benefit of not losing all the light coming in through the glass, retaining just the right amount to maintain a comfortable workplace environment.

It also prevents the harmful UV rays from coming through. As you probably know UV light is not your best friend. It can cause harm to you, your carpets, furniture, wood, curtains etc. It also puts you at risk of skin cancer and increases fatigue and eye strain. If you install solar shield film, you will save on energy bills as well as live in a more comfortable environment.


Basically, this is a form of insulating your windows. Solar Shield Control Films is a highly efficient way of insulating windows and it thermal properties are just as good as double-gazing but with the added benefit of being cheaper. With this added bonus, this makes solar window films top of its league.


During summer time, solar window films will prevent the heat from entering through the glass working as an efficient and low cost heat management system. This makes for much more comfortable living. During the winters, it reduces the amount of heat escaping keeping your home warm.

Solar window films protects you against the sun’s harmful ultra violet radiation, add value to your home and makes much more comfortable living conditions. This depends on what kind of window film you decide to go with but in some cases you are looking at an 80% reduction of heat radiating into your home.

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