Even though most colleges have an attendance policy in effect, many students choose to attend only when it suits them. The responsible and serious college student understands that skipping classes can have several negative consequences. It requires dedication to make the choice to attend all classes if it is at all possible. Setting priorities is a major part of achieving the goal of completing a college degree. Many students fail to comprehend the importance of attending classes, but there are several valid reasons to make an appearance every time the class meets.

Opportunity to Learn New Information and Skills

Students who attend classes on a regular basis gain satisfaction from learning new things and pride themselves on attaining a new appreciation of previously unknown information. Students are challenged to learn how to think critically and benefit from examining life from a different perspective. Even when it seems hard to get out of bed just to go to class, it helps to review the reasons for going to college in the first place. When learning is the key focus, making the decision not to skip class should not be an issue. Having the attitude that learning can be fun is a strong incentive to be present for every class. Work to maintain a positive attitude toward attending class and learning new things.

Chances to Interact with Interesting People

Getting to know new people in class is an excellent reason to attend class regularly. Many students make lifelong friends while attending colleges. Think about how much better it is to interact with other students and share ideas rather than sitting at home feeling guilty about not going to class. Because many classes have a participation requirement, interacting with others in the class makes it easier to fulfill this requirement while making new friends.

Better Attendance May Result in Better Grades

Because the primary goal of attending college is to get a degree, making good grades helps make this a reality. Skipping classes may lead to bad grades, which may put graduation in jeopardy. Making better grades is easier for those who attend class regularly. Professors sometimes give clues about test items or refer to the importance of lecture notes. Those who are absent miss this important information. Getting a college education requires a big investment in time and money, but it helps to remember that it is going to be worth in the end. Students with college degrees have a much higher earning potential. Maintaining the motivation to attend classes is the first step toward future success in life.

Importance of Taking Class Notes

Students must attend class to take class notes. During a lecture, a professor may stress the importance of a particular concept that may or may not be included on an exam. Having a fellow student take notes is not an effective way to benefit from a lecture. The friend may not take comprehensive notes that are easily understood. Confusion may be the result, not understanding. Reading the textbook is not as effective as hearing a lecture and asking questions in class. Attend class to develop a system of taking notes that are helpful when studying later.

Take Time to Know the Professor

Students who skip classes risk missing important information they may need to pass an exam. Most professors hand out important materials and explain new assignments. Those who skip class deny themselves the opportunity to interact one-on-one with the professor. Professors provide valuable feedback and it pays to get to know them. Maintaining a good relationship with the professor is beneficial for all students.

Even online master degree programs have an attendance policy. The students must check in with the professor prior to classes. Whether classes are on campus or online, students who skip classes are setting themselves up to fail.

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