Divorce often creates a difficult time for all involved, and often, children are severely impacted by parents who decide to go their separate ways. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. The following four tips provide strategies parents can use to lessen the blow that divorce often has on children.

Practice Clear Communication

Children whose parents are going through a divorce often blame themselves for the split. By encouraging open communication, parents can help children know that it is not their fault. Additionally, open communication gives children an opportunity to express their fears, concerns, and questions in a way that is beneficial for both child and parent. Practicing clear communication also means that neither parent will speak poorly of the other. Instead, balance honesty and kindness in your ongoing conversations with your children during the divorce by letting them know that you and your spouse will not be reuniting, but it’s still okay for your children to talk about their feelings.

Maintain Old Routines

Children need routines to feel safe. A divorce can disrupt a child’s life, but by ensuring that the children’s old routines maintain intact, children will feel safer and more relaxed. Continue to have breakfast with your children, movie nights, and attend games and events. Although it might be difficult with your spouse out of the picture or sharing custody, maintaining a sense of normalcy is essential for the mental and emotional health of children whose parents are going through a divorce. Make sure that your ex feels comfortable attending any events that your children are in as well. You may have problems with each other, but you need to set those aside for you children.

Create New Routines

While maintaining old routines is essential, children know that things are going to change now that you and your spouse are going through a divorce. Try to normalize these changes by initiating new routines into your family life. If you’ve never been fishing or ice skating with your children, now is the perfect time to encourage your children to try new things that will increase bonding and make them feel loved and valued. Make sure that, whatever you do, your children understand that you love them and that is not going to change.

Seek Outside Help

Both you and your children may profit from seeking outside, professional help. You should look for a lawyer with experience in custody arrangements and family law so you can get the best outcome for your children. You should also consider visiting with a therapist. You may be struggling with the changes that come from divorce, and you don’t want to take that out on your children. Making sure you have the proper coping methods is important for you and your children. You may also want to consider having your children visit with a therapist if they seem to be struggling as well.

Going through a divorce is never easy, but by taking these steps, you can make it easier on both yourself and your children.

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