When speaking about merging your customer support service with social media, it is important to know that it can potentially be the best decision you ever made if you do all the right things. At the same time it can certainly turn against you if you haven’t given much thought on how exactly are you planning on doing it.

When this merge is done with skill and careful implementation, your customer support can transform into an extremely efficient service that can easily create positive PR for your company or brand. Not only can you be available to your clients around the clock which will help quickly address issues, but it can spark loyalty to your brand which is your ultimate goal.

This little case study will show you we at SocialCalcio integrated amazing practices in the process of diving into social media – customer support pool:

  1. Think about how you’re communicating with customers

When you’re communicating with your customers you obviously want to be polite and pleasant. However, you do not want to sound like you are trying to be their best friend as this can be perceived as both unprofessional and potentially off putting.

As a specialized website, we are aware that our readers are usually experts with prior knowledge, but also keep in mind that there are complete newcomers who are only discovering exciting world of social media. Have understanding for them, and don’t underestimate them. It can undermine all the hard work you have put into creating you public image in no time.

  1. Answer all inquiries in a timely manner

This is probably one of the most important things you can do.

Obviously, we all know how important it is that the customers receive a feedback from you as soon as you are able to provide it. However, when you decide to use social media for your customer service agenda, than you have absolutely no more excuses as to why your reply was sent 2 days after someone sent in a question or feedback.

We at know that Facebook, Twitter and other social media are much more than a place we do to put tweets and statuses. It has quickly become the first place clients reach in terms of customer support. Email communication is slowly becoming thing of the past as users want to know the answers now. Think of your social media as less formal, but very helpful channel of communication, as it generates great user experience in an easy way.

  1. It is important who is in charge of your social media management

It is highly recommended that, when you’re hiring for your social media manager position, you select a person with previous experience in customer relations. This is not the section of your business you want to experiment with.

Even big companies make one huge mistake – they want to have social media, but they look at it as a side job for Janice from accounting or to a new employee who never even showed interest. Social media is on the first front of customer support and should be handled with care, patience and a lot of effort, as they are the places where crisis usually start. An believe us, they spread like a wildfire.

  1. Resolve heated arguments in a socially acceptable way

Clearly, dealing with customers isn’t always the most pleasant job in the world. There are always going to be those rude customers or those who are simply too demanding that you can’t possibly satisfy them. When unsatisfied user explodes on your social media, it is no longer between you and them – it is visible to everyone. The website binaryoptionrobot.com implemented chat and managed to divert important questions from users to their professional support team.

That is why we created a special protocol for crisis management. Our social media gurus get proper education that helps them manage even most difficult customers. Your customers are not inconsiderate, and if they see another user making troubles, they will often stand by your side in the argument. But only if you show respect and necessary knowledge and friendliness.

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