DIY is an increasingly popular approach to home maintenance, and that’s usually a good thing. Working on your own home can help you feel more connected to it and in control. The problem, however, comes when someone bites off more than they can chew and endangers the safety of those in their home. Here are five common home maintenance mistakes that you should avoid.

Undertaking Plumbing

5 Dangerous Home Maintenance Mistakes

Your home’s plumbing is vital to your home’s survival, so it should always be treated with caution. If you’re an avid DIYer, then by all means feel free to clean out a drain or two without worry. Unless you’re particularly familiar with your home’s plumbing, though, it’s best to leave in-depth jobs to the professionals. Something as simple as unscrewing a clogged pipe could cause permanent damage to your plumbing or even flood your home.

Not Replacing Stove Components

An old and dirty stove isn’t just an eyesore, it’s a significant fire hazard. While many people overlook their stoves, it’s crucial to clean it after every use, or at least every two or three weeks, to prevent oil buildup. Additionally, drip pans need to be cleaned just as often and replaced every two years to prevent a fire from springing up in your home.

Charging Into Demolition

5 Dangerous Home Maintenance Mistakes

Before taking down any walls, there are some essential considerations to make. Consider the location of electrical wires, plumbing and insulators like asbestos. You can safely DIY a home remodel, but you’ll need to understand what’s in your walls if you want to avoid significant injury.

Felling Trees

5 Dangerous Home Maintenance Mistakes

While trimming branches is a perfectly safe practice for a DIYer, felling trees to make room for an expansion or other project is another story. Most counties only allow trees to be felled by licensed professionals, largely because you run the risk of causing grievous injury to yourself and others. For this one, it’s best to see a professional.

Ignoring Water Damage

Some people use remodeling as a way to ignore water damage, which often ends disastrously. Burying water damage under new levels of concrete and carpet will only ensure that the new foundation of your home is unstable, so address any outstanding water damages before trying to build over an area.

DIY in Safety

DIYing is a fun, important practice that lets people take control of their lives and work on their own homes. That said, it’s important to make sure you’re working safely and not operating outside of your abilities if you want to keep your home, and family, safe.

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