To Tape or Not to Tape?

Wooden blinds tape options to add style are a feature that many will consider. Should you use tape? Does a wooden blind finish look better with tape? Is it really necessary? Tapes are vertical strips of cotton manufactured to fit within the blind. They adopt the same position as the internal (pull) strings. They are positioned within the blind and act as a sort of leverage to shift the blind into a new, desired position.

The blind may need to be closed or tilted. It may also be raised or lowered and it is the tapes that are designed to hide these internal strings. It is true that the tapes look wonderful when seen as a backdrop to the horizontal slats.

 Wooden Blind Tape Options For Style

Tapes are a standard 38 cm in width and are always made from cotton. Depending on the colour of the slat, the tape colour is coded for matching purposes. An example of this is: if you have white wooden slats, the tape will come with white tapes. However, if you have wooden blinds that are dark hazel in colour, the tape will come with jet black colour coding.

Deciding whether to have tapes or not is down to personal choice. Every home designer and homeowner will have a different perspective on style, so if you like the look of tape, then pursue it.

Look around the websites of most Venetian or wooden blind distributers and you will find the option to use tape is there. It can be either selected or rejected.  But consider this: tapes are part of a blind and hold or bind each of the slats in position. If you buy wooden blinds with tape option and suddenly change your mind, cutting the tape off is not an option.

Tapes are popular among homeowners who like to hide away the working strings. The strings are a little unsightly, but that said, there are those who think the tape vertical drop décor is equally garish.

So how can you select tape option with wooden blinds drop and make it look good? Let us say you choose something like a real beech wood blind and finish it with a tape made from a light, sandy colour hessian finish. That would work beautifully and give a rustic and natural look to the blind. Why not look at examples of this tape option and decide if this is a go-to solution for your wooden blinds.