Fathers are special. Tough on the outside but the most tender and a thoughtful presence in most of our lives. They are like those machines that are silently working in the background without anyone realizing and yet they do the most important of jobs – ‘care’ beyond measure and ‘love’ without condition. With most of us wanting healthy relationships with our fathers, here are some life hacks which should help you impress your father and hence cement the bond further:

  1.    Spend time with him voluntarily: Something as simple as that is one of the most important life hacks that there is. Learning about his life and experiences, in general, are invaluable lessons that you can take with you. By listening to him patiently and with genuine curiosity, one can demonstrate their care and love for him. Take it further by having us deliver fathers day cake online or fathers flowers online delivery as a gesture of thanks.
  2.    Do well at school/college: A sure shot way to impress your father is to put rigorous effort into your school work or college. This is the most top-notch thing a child can do for their father. Once all your hard work pays off, in no time will you and your father be celebrating your success.
  3.    Pick up chores around the house: Nothing impresses a father like his child taking initiative around the house. Volunteer to help out in the house to ease the burden off your parents and to impress upon him that you can be responsible. Once in a while, then, treat yourself and your parents with some quality time as a reward for a job well done.
  4.    Take care of your siblings: If you have younger siblings, participate in their caregiving. Offer to take complete care of them to give your parents a break once in a while. And instead of asking for babysitting money, ask for help with some hobby of yours or a gift in kind like a book or tickets to a movie you like. This way you don’t need to look very far for your reimbursement.
  5.    Learn simple life tricks: Things like making coffee in an ice tray for it to be strong or storing emergency cash in inconspicuous places when traveling or using tape to open a jar which is stuck or knowing how to change a spare tire as well as using household items like vinegar and floss to keep the house clean are all simple tricks that go a long way. By knowing them and using them, your father will know that you can take care of yourself and the house.

There you go. 5 simple yet effective hacks to impress your father. Let us know if you wish to have us deliver cake online or send across some sweet smelling flowers online delivery after all that impressing you’re doing!  We would love to be a part of your celebration. Let’s connect!


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