Benidorm, a city in Spain, finds its origin as a small fishing village in the 1960s but gone are the days as it is now a major hub and most popular tourist destination. It has gained its popularity furthermore as a destination for stag party among many people. Benidorm stag do activities are unlimited. With the city crawling with pubs and bars, it has aptly become the best available destination for a stag weekends, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. This city has all the right ingredients to be proven.

Here Is Why It Gives a Perfect Recipe for Your Stag Party


  • Location


Benidorm is situated in Costa Blanca in Spain, which means the weather is always working in your favor. You get to enjoy warm and enjoyable temperature range in summers and not very pinching winters. It is only a 2 hours flight away from the UK which explains why it has become such a favorable holiday destination.


  • Beaches


Benidorm has micro-climate which makes its beaches a perfect turf for those beach parties and sunbathing. Be it winters or summers, the Levante Beach, Mal Pas-cove, Poniente Beach, Ti-Ximo Cove, and Almadrava Cove all provide promising views and a pleasant climate. Levante Beach, also called the sunrise beach, serves a perfect place for letting go of that nasty hangover from last night.


  • Nightlife


It is said if you want a quiet place away from your real world, the Benidorm is not the perfect holiday city for you. On the other hand, if action is all you want, you are in the right place. Visit Benidorm Palace to execute your to do a list of Benidorm stag do ideas. With a cabaret show in place inclusive of dinner, lots of dance and performing artists, it is an entire package in itself. Opening its doors at 8:30 pm, spending the night there is never a disappointing affair.


  • Clubs


The one thing all the Benidorm Stag ideas have in common- Clubbing and pubbing. It’s definitely the most thing to do when in the city. Compared to Ibiza, Benidorm offers an equally exciting and ravishing experience but at much less cost. Every summer, all the clubs throw very intense and competitive (among other clubs in the area) parties hosting top DJs from around the world. It may on an average cost you 30 Euros as an entry fee, but they include more often than not a complimentary free first drink.


  • Bars and Pubs


Massive is the right word to portray the number of pubs this town has. You have the option to explore as many as 2000 pubs and bars in the city. Was that pub crawl ever that exciting? Nightlife here is as promising as it is versatile. It has night shows which include lesbian strip shows, casinos with the added prerequisite of cheap beer.

So pack your bags and come down to this luxury destination promising you all the fun. Find your leisure time and spend it wisely by putting your money where it’s actually worth it. When the stag party is all about coloring outside those lines, make sure you use the most vibrant colors and for this Benidorm provides you with the right canvas to be precise. Your experience here will be memorable, royal and wild at the same time.


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