Bpm is a management field that helps to monitor, automate, model, manage and optimize all business processes and to increase income. Bpm’online offers BPM software which main characteristics are presented by the link https://www.bpmonline.com/bpm-software.

What is bpm software?

The basic idea of the bpm system is extremely simple: take a description of a business process (such as those that have long and successfully created experts in reengineering of business processes) and monitor its execution using a specialized computer program. Learn more about bpm’online CRM software at https://www.bpmonline.com and make your business more efficient.

The traditional way of automating business processes is the development or acquisition of ready application software. In practice, however, application programs automate only a part of steps of a business process, and most importantly — making even small changes to the schema of the business process means the need in reprogramming and is rather time-consuming. As a result, application programs do not have time to update at same pace as that the fast changing business terms and the needs of the enterprise dictate. Initially, bpm software was created to solve this particular problem.

The target purpose of a business process management solution is to describe the business process in a language that can be performed directly by a specialized program.

Integral parts of business process management software

A common bpm software consists of a standard set of components corresponding to the well-known life-cycle phases of the business process: designing, execution andmonitoring.


At this stage the schemes of business process are developed. The constituent parts of business process management system are:

    • graphic designer to draw diagrams of a business process;
    • repository for storing these schemas and organizing  the joint access.

The ability to model a business process with the help of a graphical editor is a key feature of bpm platform. The design of a business process must be performed by a business analyst without the participation of a programmer.

The model creation of a business process is a little different from drawing diagrams that business analysts usual perform. It is necessary to draw steps, describe the business logic, define the users groups and make a list of information inputted at each step.

The result is saved on the server and the process can be initiated. If necessary, the schema  can also be modified without the help of programmers. Alternatively, the scheme of a business process can be developed by any of the traditional means of business processes modeling and transferred to the bpm software using the import / export.


The core of a business process management platform is its engine. Bpm software allows for coupling with external applications — special adapters, web-services, drivers for access to relational databases or other data sources. The use of these interfaces depends on the type of a business process:

  • Processes that a system can execute completely automatically by launching a number of specialized programs. Each operation is performed by a separate program and the software here is a scheduler;
  • Processes that involve both the special programs and people participation. The development of such complex applications is usually the most time-consuming part of a bpm project;
  • There are also such steps of business processes that are impossible to automate or are too complicated. In this situation, the system will give a user a signal that he assigned a certain task and will wait for confirmation about the execution.

Bpm systems provide access through a web interface, which allows you to easily engage in the collective work with the employees of geographically remote departments.


There are two ways for system to control business processes:

  • for each participant there is a dynamically generated graphic image;
  • the software collects valuable statistics about the parameters of the execution of business processes: the intensity, burden on individual experts.

Bpm software typically provides a basic set of reports on business processes’ performance.

What is important when choosing bpm software?

BPM Software: Main Characteristic Features

Not all BPM solutions are similar. They can be data- and content- centric, workflow or integration oriented. In order to choose the most appropriate solution it is important to take into account a type of business process in the company, the level of integration, the peculiarities of performance management or how it suits the existing software.

You should also pay attention to the following criteria:

  • the ease of use of the software;
  • how the system meets your company’s needs and requirements;
  • successful experience of using this platform in other organizations;
  • how quickly its implementation will bring positive results;
  • prices that fit your budget.

If you consider all these features you will find the best bpm solution for your company.

What is bpm’s value?

Such a software is valued due to its abilities to regulate all stages of various business processes, which take place in your company. Moreover, it is also necessary for:

  • making the cooperation between technologies, processes and people in the company’s work more effective;
  • satisfying all the requirements and needs of your organization and finding the best solutions to realize them;
  • providing the desired level of economic development of your company;
  • help in managing of the changes of business processes;
  • empowering management by the latest technologies.

If you are interested in the further prosperity of your company, increasing your profit and ability to monitor effectively the company activities at every stage, implement the modern bpm software that will bring positive results very soon.

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