It is said that stress is one of those responsible for the hair loss, but really it? Although sometimes you feel your hair discoloration to your personal, financial or work-related stress is due, stress does not appear to be the direct cause they go gray. Stress can accelerate the process and as a result, make turns white before what would have done otherwise.

There are different causes that can promote hair loss. One possible cause is stress as a factor that has negative health consequences. How to prevent possible hair loss in a season of work stress?

  1. It is very important that you are clear about what your priorities. When you’re right, then everything else is so. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you set an order of priorities on your agenda that meets your current expectations.

These expectations have to be realistic because the time factor marks the need to achieve the objectives within particular time. You can use an agenda as a practical resource for better organization of time.

  1. There are people who take a long time to take the step of requesting medical information when they notice that lose more hair than usual. It is best when in doubt, consult the case with the specialist expertise can advise and inform you about it. The time factor in identifying the cause of hair loss is also very important to have a healthy hair.
  2. Sometimes hair loss is also linked to food. Opting for a varied and balanced diet, but also creates opportunities for relaxation during meal times. For example, you can establish a personal rule not to answer calls at that time. Otherwise, the alleged obligation to be permanently connected hinders the ability to be alone with yourself. It is important to associate the lunch, snack and dinner as a space for rest and relaxation.
  3. When you feel stressed, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Through breath control your body feels good is also power.
  4. Have a positive and friendly inner dialogue also reduces stress. Conversely, perfectionists increase anxiety thoughts of one who has end expectations. Similarly, this inner dialogue becomes less friendly as a result of stress. It is therefore very important to look at every negative view, an optimistic idea to generate the habit of observing the pleasant side of reality.
  5. To disconnect the technological stress is very healthy strengthening physical exercise, outdoor activities, walking and biking.
  6. The start of a new season is a good opportunity to establish changes in lifestyle that will increase personal well-being.
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