Jumeirah, the artistically created man-made island is considered as the 8th wonder of the world. This beautiful creation is the ultimate luxury packed the place, which is why the decision to buy property in Jumeirah is understandable. This wondrous island is beautifully created and offers the most luxurious neighborhood to its residents. Thus, for those who crave living in a reasonably luxurious place can opt to buy property in Dubai Creek.

This carefully crafted island, sprawled amidst the deep blue waters in the shape of a beautifully sprouted palm tree is home to numerous low rise building, majestic villas, luxurious hotels, and homey resorts.  These buildings are artistically created with the help of the top architectures and add up to the beauty of the palm tree trunk. They are craftily designed to more ap as jewels decorating the trunk of the tree-shaped island.

This beautiful creation contains almost 400 villas which, with their open floor plans, private beaches, and tall ceilings, offer a refreshing environment to live in. with a contrast of striking Arab architecture plan combined with modern architectural designs, these villas are an epitome of luxury and class. The roomy interior of the houses offers an invigorating lifestyle to the residents.  Furthermore, privacy is a must guarantee with strictly private beach expanses along with every villa. These villas are ultra-modern and are fully equipped with every bit of high technology to provide a perfectly comfortable residential space.

Apart from that, to cater to the entertainment aspects of its residents, Jumeirah contains numerous luxurious hotels. Also, the Dubai Creek contains numerous cozy resorts that provide a wonderful escape from a hectic routine. The guesthouses are available for rent that are equipped with the best accommodation facilities. They have the ideal location of being situated in the trunk of the palm island with parks and beaches at a considerate distance. Several Hollywood celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez, Tom Cruz, Kim Kardashian chose these resorts to treat themselves for vacations.

Moreover, apart from being luxurious, another significant aspect that makes buying property in Jumeirah such a great idea is security. As this place caters to the housing of some high profile celebrities and businessmen, the security here is of top-notch quality.

Also, with an economical approach, buying property in Dubai Creek is an excellent investment. This is because the area is still mostly under development and is bound to thrive with business and activity in recent years.

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