You may ponder on, why should one opt for window tinting services? Well, let me tell you that it is a damn good idea to get the windows of car and home being tinted. As there are a large set of benefits such as it gives privacy and safety from the harmful rays of Sun.

Although, there are some areas where window tinting is not permitted. And, only defined percentage of darkness in the window tint is allowed. Isn’t it strange? Same way, there are so many behind-the-scene facts that every car owner should know before selecting Auto window tinting woodbridge services.

How To Select The Right Shade For Auto Window Tinting

It’s advised to select the right shade for your car windows. As one wrong selection can make you fall into a big pit which leads you to waste of money. So, it’s better for you & your budget to spend a single penny after checking different facets. Let’s take a look…

Select the Shade Carefully

First of all, you should leave copying your neighbours & friends, especially while selecting window tinting shades. You have to see your sides too such as, the color of your car and also your personality whether it suits you or not. Although, mirror tint looks fabulous in black or silver automobile.

For example, if your car is red in color then you should choose black tones because black shades have an ability to give more appeal to the red car. Thus, most of the car owners suffer from the same question, “which shade should I prefer for my vehicle?”. And, the answer is, there are a vast amount of tint variations available in the shop such as 70%, 35%, 18%, and 5% so, the selection is all up to you.

Hence, to help you out here is some consideration for you…

  1. Your purpose behind window tinting: 
    • There may be any reason behind your window tinting but to choose the right shade needs you to balance your requirements with performances of the tint. Dark window tint can surely give an amazing look to your vehicle. If you want a hotter look with the car then you should look for a darker tint.  
  1. Are you driving at late night? 
    • Opinions are changing from person to person especially while talking about which one is the best lighter tint or darker. However, any tint shade you choose will result in a certain level of reduction in night time visibility. But, most of the tint get neglected. So, make a wise selection, 5% tint may be too dark for any car driver. I recommend to select one after getting the proper knowledge about window tinting.
  1. Is there any law which affects your decision? 
    • You should consider that whether there are any state laws that dominate the legality of window tinting. Some states have certain rules based on window tinting like which shades are legal and which aren’t. Some of them are also looking to make a cool atmosphere and improve aesthetics. No doubt, look and comfort of your car are the top considerations.

Thus, window tinting laws should not be overlooked or neglected by any of the car owners. There are various types of window tint available such as full metal tint is shiny and doesn’t contain polyester. Non-reflective window tint has no metal and is UV stabilized and, HP metallized tint is metallized and contains polyester. All of them help in reducing heat and glare inside the car and also give your car a stylish look.  


Through this way, you can select the right shade for your car window to protect yourself from harmful sun rays and maintain the status by having lovely car looks. But, don’t forget to remember laws as some of the regions don’t allow car window tinting. Stay safe!