The wedding season is knocking at the doors and so are the different peripherals associated with it; jewelleries, outfits, food, decorations, flowers, gifts, guests, music, lights and a lot more. It is not less than a grand festival. Amongst this busy time, everyone surely makes time to look their best, selecting a proper outfit, to selecting proper jewellery to selecting proper makeup. This is upgraded if you are the close relative, close friend or maybe the bride’s sister or brother or groom’s sister or brother. And yes, boys do also care about these!
Bridal gold jewellery is very common in India. But what if your close relative or friend is getting married; you too need to be well with it.

Here is a list of what could be some of the best bridesmaid jewellery in gold:

Necklaces are the most abundant ones to have tonnes of designs. If someone is wearing saris then a bit heavy ones are preferable; a kind of semi-heavy. For lehengas, go with something like deep neck or off shoulders, gold chokers in a bit heavy designs are possibly the best to go with them. Otherwise one may go with necklaces that are not too clumsy to complement the background of the intricate lehengas. In a Christian wedding, yellow gold doesn’t really go well. White gold or rose gold are the best pairs as the outfit is light in colour. Heavy works are not a good choice rather one may go with simple necklaces with decorative light coloured gem works (even diamonds that are outstanding). The males can even choose for simple designed wide gold chains.

Gold bridesmaid jewellery could be anything but simpler than the bridals. For those wearing saris, any options are applicable like from jhumkas, full earrings etc., except very simple ones. For those wearing suits, kurtis; simple ones go well as to match the outfits. One of the best options is to go with gold studs. Those wearing kurtis that have lots of good work may even go with large jhumkas in gold, but then must avoid heavy necklaces. For those wearing lehengas again anything goes well, but if you want to have a glam bridesmaid look then do avoid necklaces. Christian wedding and heavy gold earrings don’t go well, so one may wear white gold or rose gold studs, decorated with diamonds, or any other light coloured gems. The males also may go with one stud earring that is small in size.

Rings do not have any kind of restrictions. The bridesmaid can wear anything. Sarees and lehengas go with gold rings with heavy works, suits and kurtis go well with simple ones and may even go with white or rose gold designs. Christian bridesmaid dresses go well with single diamond rings or with white or rose gold with a heavy diamond in the centre. Gold rings are also applicable for men wearing anything.

Again saris are well with bangles, but not too much heavy ones are preferred. Also one may wear bangles on one arm only. Lehengas also like saris are a nice pair with not so much of heavy works. But they prefer bangles to be worn in both hands. Kurtis and suits may opt for simple bangles or bracelets. Christian bridesmaid may opt for white/rose gold coloured bracelets instead of proper bangles, or maybe one bangle. Bracelets are a good option for the men to wear.

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