It’s important to maintain the quality of your vape through regular cleanings. By keeping it clean, you ensure that you’re getting quality vapor. Leftover residue in the chamber also has the potential to damage your heating element, which can break down your vape and even make it unsafe for use. A Wulf vape is no exception — dry herb vaporizers need as much care as their e-liquid counterparts. If you’re new to vaporizers or are simply looking for cleaning tips, here’s how to take care of your Wulf vape.

Disassembling your vape

Many vapers don’t take enough care when it comes to disassembling their dry herb vaporizers. While the heating chamber is especially important during the cleaning process, you should still fully disassemble your system and keep each part separate. This includes the battery and mouthpiece, the latter of which is particularly prone to residue buildup. While residue may seem insignificant, it directly impacts the flavor of the vapor your Wulf produces.

Gently tap out any of the remaining herbs in the heating chamber. This is best done over an ashtray or a table, especially if you use a screen in your heating chamber as these tend to fall out when you empty the herbs. This helps you keep any of the remaining loose herb instead of tossing it into the trash. Be careful when you tap out the chamber. It’s not uncommon to apply a little too much force when emptying it, which frequently results in a broken chamber that’s hard to fix yourself.

Cleaning time

Depending on what type of kit you purchased, you should have a small cleaning brush handy. Otherwise, your best bet for a gentle cleaning is a cotton swab. Use your brush or swab to carefully wipe away any remaining herb or vaporized residue from the inside of the heating chamber. If you have a screen in your chamber, this is a good time to wipe that down as well. Keep your brush or swab dry during this process. While it’s tempting to use rubbing alcohol or water, these could damage your vape’s wiring. Plus, if you somehow damage the heating coil, your vape will be rendered useless and nobody wants that.

Use the same method for cleaning the inside and the outside of the mouthpiece. Wipe away any remaining dirt with a cloth or a cotton ball. Depending on if your mouthpiece is from the original vape kit or aftermarket, you’ll be able to soak it in alcohol and hot water as well. Check the manual that accompanies either your vape or mouthpiece to verify whether this is okay. Lastly, you should wipe down the battery to make sure it’s cleared of dirt, residue, or other debris to ensure a clear connection.

Other tips

As you reassemble your vape, wipe it down with a cleaning cloth. During this step, it’s fine if the cloth is lightly dampened with water or rubbing alcohol, but a dry cloth works great as well. If you’re interested in streamlining your vape cleaning process, consider purchasing a cleaning kit. Many sites are dedicated to selling kits that work especially well with Wulf vapes.

Keep in mind that for optimal performance, you should clean your vape at least once a week, depending on your usage level. Lighter users should still clean it weekly to ensure its performance. Heavier users should consider increasing their cleaning frequency accordingly. Heavier use leads to higher amounts of residue buildup.

Smoke on

Now that you know how to effectively clean your Wulf vape, it’ll be that much easier to maintain peak performance. Don’t forget that a cleaning kit might be a good investment based on your usage level. If you’re taking particular care of your vape, you’re unlikely to face any breakdowns or parts failures any time soon. All that’s left to do is to enjoy your Wulf to the fullest.

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