According to studies, prescriptions drugs are one of the deadliest killers and it happens because people abuse their use. Many people have died due to prescription drug overdoses, both intentionally and unintentionally. The number has exceeded fatal murders in some countries. For an obvious reason, we should consider the reputation of our doctors and make sure that they know how to address our conditions properly.
Drug overdoses can knock us stone dead and this could happen to many unsuspecting patients. When the doctor hands us a prescription, we shouldn’t do anything that could cause us to gamble with our lives.
It is important to ask our doctor about the drug that we are about to get. We should make sure that we don’t get only symptom-masking drugs. They don’t deal with the underlying issue and their side effects could make things worse. We could take the same drug day after day and eventually year after year. Doctors should deal with our underlying medical problems.
If possible, we shouldn’t take maintenance drugs that we need to consume every day. Drugs that mask our symptoms won’t solve underlying problems that our bodies are facing. We should avoid worse situations, especially if our condition escalates and we need more powerful drugs.

Can We Really Trust Our Doctors

In fact, masking our symptoms for years is a likely way to get ourselves killed. We should find out if our conditions could actually be caused by side effects of our drugs. These side effects may include joints stiffness, blood in the urine, tingling in our extremities, anxiety, sleeplessness, hot flashes, light headedness, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, fever, rashes, swelling and lingering pain. These conditions can be painful and annoying. In fact, there are cases doctors prescribe us new drugs to address this condition, which is something insensible to do.
Only experienced and skilled doctors are able to determine the real causes of our symptoms. They can determine the underlying conditions and choose the best way to fix them. When our conditions are treated well, symptoms should begin to disappear. In this case, we don’t need continued medications. Better should ask us to undergo lab tests if our symptoms persist, instead making wild guesses.
They will refrain from giving symptom-masking drugs, maintenance drugs or any powerful drugs that can hide our real diseases. If our condition really requires a stronger medication, it is because the doctor has confirmed our likely illnesses.
In general, drugs are consisted of toxins and we shouldn’t take them for a prolonged period of time. Any active ingredient inside the drug can cause dramatic, sudden impacts on our body. When taken at a longer period of time, these drugs would be bad for us. Antibiotics are one of the drugs that we shouldn’t take for more than a few weeks.
Doctors shouldn’t include antibiotics in our maintenance drugs, because the substance can wreak havoc on our internal systems. As an example, floral balance in our digestive system can be disrupted, causing additional issues that can be prevented.
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