The kids are grown, and in their own part of the world. They won’t be home this Christmas. Or, maybe the holiday season simply doesn’t anchor you to your house for weeks at a time. Whatever the case, you can take your holiday on the road, and find a whole new reason to celebrate the season!

Take Your Bed

Quite often, people equate travel with hotels. The means you have to figure in quite a large expense, and plan on sleeping in a different bed at each destination. But, when you take a campervan, things quickly change! With your own campervan, you take your own bed wherever you go. You might be surprised at the difference this makes. With full control of where you sleep, you’ll avoid the worries over linens, bed bugs, and the “too hard, too soft” Goldilocks beds. You can have the bed you want, and sleep every night in the comfort of your own bed linens.

Reduce the Burden

Go see the kids this Christmas. Or, go see the parents! Take your campervan, and you’ll save a ton of money, and your loved ones won’t feel like they have to play host to your visit. Quite often, travelers have to sleep on the couch or in the spare bedroom/office when they visit relatives. This is not only uncomfortable for the travelers, it is a strain on relationships and a lot of work for the host and hostess.
By taking your campervan, you bring your own accommodations with you. This can be a great solution to the overcrowding problem. Not only does the host family still have their own space and beds, you have yours, as well. Quite often, your stay will be much more enjoyable, since you can take “time out” in your campervan. In some cases, you can even stay in the driveway or street outside the destination.
In others, you may prefer a camper park nearby. These are quite affordable, and give you a little more distance from the hustle and bustle. It also provides a different venue for gatherings, if the host family needs a break, as well. My in-laws bring their campervan quite often and stay in a nearby park. They feed the whole family at the picnic tables, with paper plates and easy clean-up. It’s a great pot-luck evening, and I don’t have to clean for days before they arrive.

Reduce the Cost

Another way to reduce the burden to the hosts during the holidays is to stay in a hotel. This gives everyone more space – and more bathrooms – but can get quite expensive. A better choice is the campervan. While you may have gasoline or diesel expense to reach your destination, you still will save money over a hotel bill, especially on a stay of several days.

Food is another cost on trips. If you don’t take your food with you, you have to buy it at your destination. Restaurants, cafes, and bistros may be a nice break, but can run into a huge expense on an extended holiday. When you figure in the cost of eating out constantly, you could buy fuel for your campervan and take your own food. Plus, you get the benefits of security, your own bed, and your own space.
Most campervans have their own kitchens, replete with a refrigerator and stove. Most also have a microwave and oven. Some people even prepare their meals ahead of time and freeze them, cutting down on prep time.
Parking costs are often cited as a downside for travel in a campervan. However, parks have excellent facilities, and are very low cost. In addition, even the upscale RV parks and campervan parks are not as expensive as a hotel. Travel in your campervan can save you enough money to extend your holiday by several days, if not weeks.

Foreign Travel

You can even travel to foreign countries with your campervan. Don’t be discouraged by international boundaries – if people can drive across the borders in their cars, you can do it in a campervan. See the sights of Europe as they light up for the holidays. It will be a trip to remember!

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Steve Holt is a vehicle enthusiast, he’s worked with them for several years as a mechanic, and now enjoys helping in modifications and restoration at AutohausVW he enjoys holidays and most recently spent a few days at The Pop-up Hotel.

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